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Tips on S1 Elite front seat removal

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Hello all, I’m sure this has been covered somewhere already but I haven’t been able to find it. 

I am trying to remove the front seats and would like to know if there is a straightforward (for a lotus) way to do this. In particular a means to stop the bolt from spinning in the seat channel given that it doesn’t seem possible to get a spanner or socket on it because of the way that it is located within the channel. 

thanks in advance and good luck with your own projects.



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I think the bolt heads should be tack welded to the runners. If they are spinning you'll likely need to cut the nuts off and replace the bolts on the runners.

I could be wrong, my I haven't seen my car seats in a while (in storage) and I didn't remove them myself. 🙂

It's getting there......

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Thanks for the tips! Mole grips good call. I found they could hold the bolt but could slip. Spanner vertically could also (sometimes) provide good grip. Could not find a way to get spanner on the bolt. Agree about cleaning threads, I used wd40 and an m8 thread clearing nut that certainly helped once it started moving. Following advice and above steps I have progressed to just one left...


thanks for tips on replacements. will definitely be looking at alternatives l.

thanks all!


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Push a small flat head screw driver down the side of the channel and wedge the bolt head to the side of the channel. When you put the seat back in tac weld the bolt to the runner. Simples.


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