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Doors dismantled and everything stripped out ready for rebuilding

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The doors didn't need removing... the hinges had siezed and had been opening and closing on what remained of the side intrusion bars... until they fell off. The first pic shows the stripped out doors with the replacement side intrusion bars. The first pic shows the orginal passenger side S I bar... half of it is still intact (more or less) the other half is in the bucket.

Need to do some work on the window frames. Acquire one new interior door catch. Assorted bolts and weather stripping for the windows and doors before reassembly.

If anyone can give a suitable or workable sequence for reassembly that would be helpful.



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You'll find various "how to's" both on this site and Excel net. 

In its basic form though, fit the hinges and beam (with the lock mounted) to the car. There will be shims required behind the hinges. Sounds strange, but you'll find these are more about the door clearing the rear of the front wing than door panel alignment. 

Then fit the window frame and establish what washers you need to get a good compression on the door seal. - note the washer thickness and positions, then remove the frame and lock mechanism. 

Slide the fibre glass door over the beam and adjust so shut lines etc are good. There's only 4 M6 bolts holding it to the beam, 2 front edge (the nuts on these are a right game - I've made nut plates to sit inside the door) and 2 rear edge IIRC. Be careful as you close the door, as it a real trial and error to get alignments and a door that opens without chewing chunks out of the rear lip of the front wing. 

Now the fun starts 😊😊😊. You'll probably have to repeat the above steps 3 or 4 times with different hinge shim arrangements before all is good. Patience and a good bottle of wine essential at this stage. 

Yet more fun, as it's time to fit the window frame (with spacers you previously established) and the glass. 

After that it's pretty straight forwards. 

Good luck


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Thanks Tony D,

                          Fit the door beams first....   Then slide the doors over the beams... I never would have thought of that.... I may need to get some new window regulators... I'll put a current through them and see what happens.

The other door beam was only half as bad as the one pictured... most of it was still intact and probably less than a quarter in the bucket. Good to see the bolts are metric... much easier to source... Whatever were Lotus thinking.

The front seat frames are about as salvagable as the pictured door beam... I measured the seats in my wifes Mk1 MX5.... dimensions very close... I was able to source a pair of black leather seats with blue alcantara inserts

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I think that the countersunk bolts holding the latch to the beam are 1/4" UNF.

Confirmed. The 4 latch c'sunk screws are 1/4" UNF. On the window motor, the 4 screws that fit the top hat section to the beam are M6, but the motor mounts to the top hat are UNF. Pretty much all other threads are metric. 

That's Lotus in the 70's for you 😊😊😊


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