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I don't think so.

Either way I think there is only around 11mm of room to be gained by lowering the seat vertically as can be seen below,


You will gain more head height by tilting the seat. 
The above image is using the newer seat rails, I am guessing your car has the original seat rails? I designed some new brackets to tilt the seat back gaining around 30 - 40mm of head room but these will only fit on the newer seat rails. I think someone may still do a tall rail kit for the older seats.

The only counter issue with tilting the seat is that it tilts the front of the seat up under your legs which then means you may need to raise the steering wheel a bit.

If you're tall like me then it makes a big difference to the driving position, I was having to sort of stoop to see out the windscreen which meant I had a stiff neck for days after driving the car which was no fun.



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I'm 190cm, seem to be tall in the torso and somehow the legs because my seat is as far back as possible which is probably where you will need yours too.
I am planning to sell two different types of bracket,

One that fits onto the existing seat rails to maintain the ability of being able to move the seat.
The second type will be properly fixed and get every last mm of room under the seat, this is only about 11mm which doesn't sound much but its a significant proportion of your hand thickness when you are trying to get them past your knees when turning in a corner.

If you want to do track days then you will most likely need the roof off. the only way I'd fit in with a helmet and a roof on is with the seat totally removed.

Just waiting for the first type to be manufactured so I'll do a proper post on them once I have them.


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