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Inferior batch of bushes B082D4084F?

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Hello all!

I've stumbled upon what I believe is an inferior batch of rear link bushes for the Stevens Esprits and wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problems. 

This weekend I started to re-assemble my rear suspension and began with the (generally basic) task of pressing in the bushes to the links. I had 4 bushes left over from my V8 ownership days a few years back, and 4 "newer" ones I'd recently ordered. Both are original parts with the same part number, sourced from a reputable independent supplier. 

The first "V8" batch had a matt appearance (similar as the bushes I'd fitted to the front of the car a few years ago) whereas the "newer" parts were shiny and felt almost harder to the touch.

Anyway the older matt bushes went in without a problem using the conical tool I've previously used with success. The newer one disintegrated upon fitting. 

Here are some pictures of the "suspect" batch, the disintegrated bushing, and an "older type" fitted to a lower link. I haven't had this happen with bushes before. It's almost like the rubber was dried out and cracked apart. 

What say ye? I'm usually the first to blame myself when something goes wrong but this has me scratching my head. 

Note: no, I did not attempt to press these in bone-dry without any lubricant. 

As always, thanks in advance for any and all words of wisdom.

In the meantime I'll keep myself busy by wrenching on one of my Alfas, which ALWAYS require some kind of attention... 




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Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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It seems there is reason to treat recent supplies of bushes with wariness. One of those smaller transaxle hanger bushes ( S1/S2 Esprit ) in 3 sets I purchased recently was undersized on the metal sleeve OD to the point where one could slide it about with finger pressure in the cast hanger bore . Replaced by the vendor without a fuss.


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although i don't have recent experience with them, i have received bad parts from the usual retailers, including bushings.  Remember that the retailers also seek alternate sources and these are often not reliable these days.  Personally experienced examples are:  upper ball joints with non-parallel bolt holes, Lotus-stock vinyl stickers and foam weather strip that disintegrated when removed from the packaging, rubber bushes that were probably 20+ years old, well past its shelf life, poly bushes that crumbled within 3000 miles, v belts from local autoparts store that all broke after 2 weeks, control arm studs 10mm too short, the list goes on.  These days i am surprised when something does work, instead of when it doesn't.  Send them back and maybe try another retailer.



just because I don't CARE doesn't mean I don't UNDERDSTAND

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Please state whom did you buy the parts from, so I don't make the same mistake.

Consider it a service to the community! 

FYI: Dave "Changes" has decent bushes on hand.




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