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After a bit of a rainy drive....

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Nipped out yesterday (it was nice and dry) but got caught in a shower.   Not an overly heavy shower.

When I got back, left the car out for a bit then put it away in the garage.   Noticed 4 or 5 pools of water forming under the car - mostly under the wheel arches.    I know the arches are made of an annoying fabric type stuff - causing the mudflap brackets to corrode over time - but I wasn't expecting quite that much water to come out of all four corners, after such light rain!

There's a bit from halfway down the car as well.


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Mine does not like going out in the rain - refer to the brakes sticking thread. Opening the tailgate gets the boot/engine a bit wet as well.

Maybe water accumulates above the undertrays, as long as its only water I would not worry.

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I've always had that with mine after a drive in the rain or after washing it.  You think you've dried it, park it in the garage and then find puddles appearing.  I'm assuming it collects somewhere in the engine bay, front housing, undertray and/or wheel arches and then runs out.  I've tried going for a drive after washing it and parking it facing uphill then downhill on my sloping drive.  Nothing works and it still wets the garage floor.

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I think it can take a while to work it's way through the drain holes in the boot as well, especially when there might be a few leaves or something down there...

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The tray below the windscreen has holes which drain straight down over the mudguards/bulkhead and the grills over the radiator drain down a corrugated pipe which exits by the upper wishbones.  The grills in particular are quite a big rain funnel.

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