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Quick release hub wiring

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Hi guys, does anyone have any instructions for how to wire the B&G hub? Also am I right in thinking I use my 4 OEM bolts from the steering wheel to bolt the hub to the quick release? Sadly it came with no instructions that were specific for the Lotus. 

Also I'm not sure how to wire it up, obviously the resistor for the airbag but bar that I'm a bit lost. Sorry!


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The horn + wire needs connecting to the brass plunger at the top  (yellow contact ring at the 12 o'clock position)

Remove the horn /airbag spiral wire unit. Use the horn + wire from the connector block.(You will possibly need a bullet connector to attach to the brass plunger

Depending on the age of the car you may find a spare horn wire taped too the loom down the side of the column (Was there when i fitted one to the 2016 360 Cup I had 

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Hi @RoflOnMyWaffle, did you sort out the way the resistor is wired up to stop the airbag warning light from illuminating all of the time? The reason for asking is I am also looking at installing a de-airbag steering wheel, but need to know if this wiring fix solves any MOT checks.


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