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Insurance help... Who do you recommend June 2021


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So far, after a days worth of phone calls... my car is too new, or its too expensive, or it's to tuned, or its too big a requested annual mileage..... 

 - "It's not 10 years old yet and we only insure that on a classic policy"

 - "We don't insure that type of car over 5k miles" - normally its only 3k" (because why would you want to do more than 5k in a gorgeous Lotus)

- "Driveway is a NO. Garage only for us to look at you"


I'm pulling my hair out... It a used Lotus Elise... Not a £3million Bugatti!

I've tried -  Reis, Henderson Taylor, Classic Line, Manning, Footman James, AIB...

I was hoping to have track day cover in the policy, hence the co's above.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  


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Well no track day cover.

But 5k miles a year garaged overnight 

Non standard exhaust declared 

Fully com .protected NCB 9 years .legal cover 

Exige S240 

Location Inner London 

£267 L.V

Have noticed that some policy don't cover windscreens now so watch out for that 

Was over £400 with AIB 


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1 hour ago, windymiller said:

lv wouldnt quote on our evora !! was happy with AIB though who insured it

That's interesting. LV insured my 2018 Evora 410 Sport in March this year for a very respectable, I thought, £300.

Well less than half what the "classic" insurers wanted and as I don't track it I was happy enough.

My 20 year old VX, was insured by the "classic" insurers and I do track it, and it is heavily modified, and that cost me £360!

One is worth over £60k, the other is worth around £12k.  I'll never work out insurance lol....

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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its weird i dunno if the girl just messed up in not quoting me, she said she found a sports racer on the system then checked with others and came back and said cannot quote or maybe they take x amount on there books of cetain types or risk of cars then close the books for a while ?

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It is interesting, all of the specialists and brokers give me sky high quotes, the 'big names' are cheaper for me and LV is the cheapest this year. I think they just flip a coin.

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Thanks for the input guys.... I went with a quote that was very different to every other one.

Most simply wouldn't insure over 5k miles! If I was cynical I'd say insurers want only to insure people who park their car in a garage. Not people who want to drive!

10k miles
5 track days
and the usual legal, windscreen, etc...

£722 with A Plan

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