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Exposed Shifter Retro-fitted to V6S

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This little part arrived, thanks to Rob for the super quick delivery.  Like I described earlier, this is the end piece to the shift cable that attaches to the shift lever.  It certainly looks cleaner than what I have on now.


I haven‘t had time to fully test the car (except driving it home from the shop).  So I‘m super excited to give it some beans as soon as my busy schedule allows.

You guys can follow me on IG at @cheungu_2046 for periodic updates to my Exige V6.  It’s not exactly a project car where I have big plans or anything.  All I want to do is to keep it clean and take it to the track once borders re-open. 

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nicely done man ! Congs! 

would u kindly share the part number u order?

my exige is same as ur the pre lci model even the color is the same , i`m located in Beijing

i was thinking about doing these but i didn`t really figureout what to order


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Posted (edited)


Turns out I was wrong about the shift knob.  I could actually re-use my V6S knob.  I jumped the gun and thought it didn’t screw right on easily.  The pressure from the spring makes it a little difficult but it went in just fine.  Silly me.  But I do want to say that the whole shift knob situation is so unnecessarily complex.  There are an o-ring and a plastic sleeve which the latter took me a while to figure out how it was supposed to be fitted.





Now it looks more proper woot woot!  The knob is a little scratched up but it will do for now until my brand new one arrives.


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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Any one would consider my shifter instead of this conversion?

My shifter has been mount on a V6cupR and the owner says me that it is more precise also than the new lotus exopsed.

So a good combination should be my shifter with new Lotus exposed cover..

what's in your opinion?

PS: on mine you could alsochoose the ergal parts anodization color :)  (here in standard grey)



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Posted (edited)


The exposed shifter is way more solid and has close to zero play when it’s in neutral and in gears.  I did notice something different between the various cars equipped with this shifter though.


Exige 390 Sport



Exige V6S (retro-fitted)



Elise S220 (MY2019)



Basically my shifter and the 390 Sport feel identical in terms of weight and stiffness.  But on the “older” Elise S220, the shifter is super stiff going into gears.  This is also the same with another Exige 350 Sport (MY2016) that I have test drove before; super stiff.  I’m not sure if Lotus has made some changes or what, but the difference is quite noticeable.

I actually prefer the super stiff feeling but I can appreciate the smoother and “lighter” operation of the later version, if I may call it that.  I think people were complaining about having trouble shifting on racetrack and perhaps Lotus has lighten things up.  Just my thoughts.



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So I finally have time to tackle the hazard switch.  I actually bought the new switch which was a £70 part (yikes) only to find out that it’s not plug and play to the V6S.  As mentioned in my original post, I had the “old” hazard switch zip-tied on the side of the console, which was tacky to say the least as you can see from the picture below.  So I figure there were basically 3 options for me:

  1. Leave it as is, but tug the old working switch away better (on the driver’s side);
  2. Spice the wires on the switches, match the wires and solder them; or
  3. Retro-fit the old switch into the bezel.

The best looking result would undoubtedly be option 2.  However, it is a risky job.  The number of wires appear to be different and the colours are different.  My mechanic was willing to give it a shot but I was very hesitant.  So I gave up on this until I can somehow confirm that this has been done and/or possible.  The beauty is I can always come back to this option in the future.

So I decided to go option 3 as it seems most logical.  It was certainly the most economical as well because the cost of a bezel is “only” £10.  Even if I messed it up I could always buy another to work on.  After first attempt, the result is not quite what I wanted but I think I can get it to sit more flush.  The old switch is like a long piston and together with the plug and wiring it takes up quite a bit of room underneath.  In fact, some trimming to the inside of the front lower console was required.









Will work on it again later this week.  Afterwards, I will have the bezel painted.


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So I finally finished the hazard button and bezel.  I think it looks pretty OEM.  The way it’s angled now actually makes it easier to reach and press if you can believe that LOL.

At the end I went with matching colour and it turns out quite nice.  I originally wanted to paint the bezel yellow or gold, but I thought that maybe a bit too much contrast as I already have a mix of accents in the interior.



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