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Can 'S' dampers be fitted to an 'NA'?

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Just as the title.

I've found one of my front dampers is leaking slightly, replacements are like rocking horse poo, and Bilstein's lead time for refurbishing my old ones is beyond when I need the car to be mobile.

I've been pointed towards a moderately-used full set of dampers for an 'S' - I realise that they are a different rate to those on the 'NA' but would it make a drastic difference to the car's behaviour if I were to fit them?

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I think they are valved slightly differently for the heavier S model, but according to DeRoure the springs are the same. You could try ES Motorsport as they may well have a spare new or used one. You may be better off just replacing the leaking one with an original NA shock. I have recently put brand new NA shocks on my car as I had bought them a few years ago when Lotus were selling off surplus stock cheap. My originals have done 36k miles and were all in good condition with no leaks and I only decided to change them due to Lockdown and I had a lower wishbone ball joint gone so I had to dismantle 1 corner anyway! Let me know if you may be interested in a pair, or even just 1 which would then leave me with 1 spare should I have a leak in mine in the future.

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@Whitey Thanks for the offer - I may well take you up on relieving you of one of your units, :thumbup:.

Right now however, I'm struggling to get the old one out. I'm fighting 10+ years of accumulated corrosion - the top mount came away easy but I can't as yet budge the bottom bolt - I'm now using a 5' breaker bar and it's still not budging, :angry:.

I tried to buy some when they were on the Motorsport Auctions site but they'd sold out of the fronts. I did successfully acquire shocks and springs for the rear - a lot of good they are to me at the moment, :rolleyes:.

Got to have a couple of hours powernap now before going out on a nightshift so part 2 of the battle will need to wait until tomorrow.

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Soak in penetrating oil and maybe get some heat on the nut then I used a 1m bar and it came off fine. Half inch drive impact driver may shock it loose if you are still struggling. Loosen the nut side as it will be easier that trying the bolt head.

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