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Bad luck ....


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Well, I was looking my second car for a while and I though was I finnaly found one

Not Esprit but Elan M100 ! :(

So, last few week I was watch Ebay, pistonhead etc... and found one which was reasonable price. We agreed the price, when I could pickup the car, sent the deposit etc.. got also a copy of the V5.

Booked the fly and the ferre ! Ready to pickup next weekend in Manchster U.K!

I was really looking forward the weekend !

Then I got call from seller yesterday ! The Elan is gone ! :whistle:

He said his car was stolen and reported to the local police !! :welcome:

Bad luck or what I called it !

All the tickts I bought could not refoundable !

So, it was bad id

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Thanks Simon

The canceling the fly or ferre tickts but I can't get much back !

unfortunatly no travel insurance (even I have it ,it's not cover because

canceling for buy a car..)

The another prolbem is the deposit whick I sent by recomanded letter a week ago ! but according to him it's not arrived yet ( strange .. Don't you think )

Is there any problem with post in U.K recently ?

Another thing is, In case If police discover the car in next few days what shall I do about it ?

Shall I cancel the deal and ask him send back the deposit !

Or re-disscus sell price !

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That is unlucky for you Yasuo, sorry to hear it.

There have been lots of postal strikes in the UK recently so deliveries have been delayed in some places. I'd still cancel the payment with your bank if you're able to though.

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As Laura said....

UK postal strikes have been going on for a couple of weeks now but I'd definately still cancel the payment with your bank.....!!!

I personally wouldn't touch the car now its been stolen as the chances are they've recked it by racing and wheelspinning it..... :whistle:

Look for another one mate....


Buy this one instead.............!!!!!

Looks fab....!!!


Chunky Lover

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What a nightmare!

Surely there must be some M100's out there you can come and look at anyway - have a little search through all the dealers/independents, e.g. SWLC???

Hope you find something?


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Thanks folks !

It's nice to share good/bad expriance with LEF !! :yes

I see so, some post are striking in U.K whick I was told from seller !

Well, I stuiped enough sent deposit as recomanded letter with cash (

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I had a friend who bid on a motorbike on e-bay and he was told the same story, it was stolen. 8 weeks later it appeared again from the same seller. It seems that he didn't think he got enough for it and so made up a story so he wouldn't make a loss. He found out when he called the police and they had no record, but the seller had stated it was being investigated.

When he confronted the seller he got aggressive and eventually he got banned, permanently, of e-bay.

Buyer beware!

Still I did win a brand new set of Genuine Rayban glasses for

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Hi Tony

Yep, I know such a story too, but I think the problem was the price !

I belived the car is stolen !

So, just bad luck (I may think it's better/ feel better, it was happen before I'm in U.K ..)

See you soon Tony I'm looking forward 8th september !

:whistle: more :welcome: tonight

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Thats really unlucky Yasuo.

Keep looking this week and you may still be able to view another M100 if you are coming to visit anyway.

Hope your luck is better over the next week.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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An outrageously ego inflated football team and a local team managed by the ex-England Manager...

A bit harsh calling City an outrageously ego inflated football team :o

Thanks Simon

I know the Elan, but price is to high for me !

I'm thinking to change the dato for flight tickets but it will cost another

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I find this all too convenient that the seller's car was stolen just after an Ebay auction. Did he have a reverse on it? Did it end quite cheap by any chance? I've seen this before where an Ebay seller takes a chance and tries to save on Ebay costs by not putting a reverse on it and also makes the buyer think they are getting a bragain. The plan backfires but instead of refusing to sell the car and getting a negative feedback, it's far easier to come up with a story that the car has been stolen! I've also heard other stories that engines have blown up etc etc.

If that were me, I'd be looking for proof that it had been stolen i.e a crime number. Maybe with the reg plates that someone could check on here through their contacts that this car is in fact registered as stolen.

I could be wrong or the owner has already proven it has been stolen, I don't know.Also I haven't read through the previous replies either, so forgive me of I've gone off on a tangent!

David walters

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Thanks folks

When I check what will cost the return tickets (from Machester to Copehnhargen) because I booked only one way !

And found out the prices are very high (there are no easy jet or other low cost flight from Manchester)

So, I should drope my paln B !

Any why see you 8th sep or 23d september !


P.S Fortunatelly I can change the dato for the ferre so, I will try to change 9th september (just in case otherwise

losing the money....


Thanks David and other nice comments !

I think seller has saying true! (maybe I'm lille naive ..) and fortuaelly another forum for Elan (!Elan central) member who live very closed to seller, just few milles a way and he could help me some infor !

But the fact is car is gone and I'm only hoping now reduceing the cost and find a alternative seller !!

(in fact my daugther she really wanted the Elan, so she was much shocked when she hear car is gone ! )

Anyway many thanks for all your support !

Best regards


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Hi Yasuo - sorry to hear about your bad luck :) It doesn't sound genuine from the little I've read, but I'm very pessimistic about cars that appear on ebay anyway - particularly the cheap ones :thumbsup:

Have you made any contacts at the M100 club who can keep an eye open for bargains within the club, or even to look at possible cars for you to save you wasted journeys? Perhaps something like Car & Classic might prove useful... and there's always Autotrader, of course. Obviously both of these could still be open to abuse by dishonest sellers, but at least you're not caught up in the excitement of an auction and driven in your decision by the auction duration. Oh, and do you have a subscription to Club Lotus (for the classified adverts in the back of the magazine)?

Better luck with your next one & looking forward to seeing you again next month :) Are you bringing the Esprit?


"He who dies with the most toys wins..."

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24 Tonge Meadow

Rochdale (obviously a cowboy!)

M24 2UR

Apparently a new development...

But if you whack the post code in works a treat!...except the satellite image still shows it as a BRG football pitch!

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Is there any way we can track the theft with the Police? Do they give out that sort of info?

*obv there is a chance that the car was stolen, and he's really not received the

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