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Forced idle

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My Evora is now showing some erratic behavior... I would appreciate your help in finding out/guessing why I randomly have a forced idle and slight delayed throttle response. I have had now the car throwing twice a CEL and traction control light. When cleared, it normally runs smoothly, but today the forced idle came back once and then disappeared. I attach a picture of the codes I got this last time (this morning when I had to cancel joining  a nice run out with some Lotuses and Porsches... brrr)

Any clues? TIA





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I've had those codes.....I wish I could give you a straight answer to fix it though!

Easy things to try first .... .

Fully charge battery.

Clean and manually push throttle butterfly.

Unplug and contact clean throttle body connection......

Change/clean MAF.

Harder things to try....

Brake and clutch pedal sensors.........

I could go on

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I will start with properly charging  the battery. It has been off the CTEK charger lately, so that may be an easy explanation. 

it is due its annual maintenance in three weeks, so I will start from there and have Komotec check the possible root cause.

It does not seem too serious but I would not want to damage something by using the car. 


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I had these codes and when I went to my lotus garage last week my guy there mentioned about a detected drop in voltage which could had caused the engine light to appear ? 
However he also said there wasn’t a reason that he could pinpoint but the items suggested earlier are useful to deduct others causes ?

I am convinced that in the wet or damp weather conditions the issues appear ? My traction light made reappearance in the last couple of days and hey presto weather has changed to wetter damp than last few weeks of hot dry weather ?  

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Thanks for your thoughts.

Will start with charging the battery as suggested... it is also the one originally supplied with the car. At least I don’t think it has been changed in my ownership, so maybe it is on its way out. 

All the other suspects will be checked thereafter.

Thanks again

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Just to update this thread. The car has kept having this issue. Running well, just a forced idle and, in the worse instances, an override to my throttle input.

Took it to its annual maintenance on Monday. Had to clear the codes to be able to climb the garage ramp...

it seems that my OBD reader deleted the engine’s history, so Komotec could not get to the root cause. After some driving around the area (and the good hour at brisk pace on the empty autobahn at 7:00 AM to get there) there were no signs of the codes coming back, but I decided to change the battery nonetheless. Played safe and went for the standard Varta. No wish to add lithium batteries charms to the equation...

it seems to go fine now. I hope I will not have to update this further. Fingers crossed. 

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I have had these lights - so I kept the battery on trickle charge and the problem seemed to disappear. 

I recently upgraded from NA to S (had a 1320 supercharger fitted along with the associated ancilliaries like injectors, plugs etc) and initially all good - then a few weeks later the issue returned regularly, despite the inclusion of a new battery and continued trickle charge...

Current theory is that is that it is a manifestation of a known issue with early Evora engine wiring looms not earthing properly.  There is a replacement loom now supplied by Lotus that earths directly back to the battery, rather than the chassis (like cutting out the Middle-Man...)...

I am now patiently waiting for a loom to come from Blighty to Sydney Australia as there aren't any here apparently.....:angry:

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I've just checked and Lotus have a good supply of the main harness in stock if that's what you're after. 

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Apparently not, according to our local dealer.  There was a "known issue" with early engine harnesses not earthing properly to the subframe which confuses the EMS and throttle control systems.  This causes symptoms like the engine "hunting" at idle and activating Limp Mode, with all the associated OBD codes (P2104, P2135, P2173, P2119, P2105, P0507 and my favourite - P2106 the Limp Mode or "Forced Limited Power"...).  This get progressively worse each time it occurs.  The fix, am assured, is fitting a redesigned loom that earths directly to the battery rather than to the steel subframe, but mid October these didn't exist.

Six weeks later and I am advised that one is on the water, if not in fact already in Sydney, to be fitted next week.  Just in time for the registration to expire....

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