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2021 Recommission : 1984 US Spec Turbo

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Nice! I have been similarly guilty in the past leaving mine to sit while life got in the way. Got as far as getting it up and running again, but currently resting for winter. Looking forward to moving when finished building and will finally have a decent space to tackle all those other jobs I've been meaning to do over the past 20+ years of ownership.

Good luck and following with interest 👍

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I've been having some signing in and posting issues and am working with the Mods to try and sort it out.  Now on a different computer.

Anyway, I have set up this Shutterfly share site with photos to date of the prep to remove the engine.

For the UK G Turbo owners, be aware the US spec cars seem to be very different with the emissions stuff etc.  For example, according to the SJ Sportcars parts information, by 1984 car has what appears to be the 1987 on cooling system design.

I'll try to keep posting photos and updating.

Anyone following, please let me know the link works OK to view the photos.



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I did a very similar job on my 1984 too. I didn't take the engine out tho, it was partially disassembled from having a broken belt. I did so may tasks to get it ready to run, that I doubt I can recall all of them!  One thing I didn't change was the vacuum pump and I should have. Mine made a squawking noise that drove me crazy. I just changed it 4 years later to a GM unit that is a direct cross over. I may still have the box if you want a part number.

A lot of the emissions stuff had been taken off, so I completed that job and simplified the engine bay without all of the hoses gone that had been left behind. I had the Turbo rebuilt because I could feel play in the bearing. We replaced the exhaust manifold with the Alunox header, a beautiful piece of work! 

I changed the clutch fluid line to a new type from JAE. I alos upgraded the alternator to a Bosch unit that is a bolt in swap.

I'll be watching and best of luck.


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Jon - 1984 Esprit Turbo

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