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Hello people, I'm hoping you might be able to assist me as you seem to know your onions when it comes to these damned things. My '82 Turbo has been away from the road for some time whilst I dealt with a number of issues with one improvement leading to another, then another - you know how it goes.

Anyway, with a new clutch slave cylinder, new fluid and a braided hose one of the issues I'd hoped to address was that I needed to hold the gear lever in reverse to stop it jumping out. However, on my first pre MoT run I'm confounded by the damn thing. I seem to be able to move the gear lever into all five planes including the lift over the detent into reverse but I'm sure I'm trying to set off in third even though the lever is in the first gear plane - is this even possible?

I have new rubber bushes in the gearchange system and it all feels quite nice and the PO had a new crossgate cable put onto the car - I just don't think it 's ever been adjusted correctly and I don't really know where to start. Car is standard pretty much and I seem to have good movement in the change.

Any help is much appreciated.



PS - I've looked through all the listings I can find here on The Forum and still I'm lost

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Hi Simon,

I don’t see a reply. Did you get this sorted?  I put the new cross-gate cable kit from SJ in my car. Adjustment at the back is pretty simple:  Loosen the lock nut and rotate the rod.  The adjustment is pretty sensitive - within 1/2 to 1 turn. 

if I recall, however, usually, the adjustment is between 5th and Reverse. I have my console off and first is not all the way against the left side. 

if you look up SJ502 GEARCHANGE MODIFICATION on the SJ website, they include a description of how to adjust things. 

i hope that helps


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Jim McLeskey Richmond, VA USA

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The other thing you can do, under the car, with the cable end disconnected, is familiarise yourself with the range of movement of the crossgate shaft and what gear plane each movement represents,   You then know what you are aiming for with the cable connected - Yes its very easy to adjust so you are trying to set off in 3rd or reverse is unavailable.



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5 hours ago, jtmco said:


if you look up SJ502 GEARCHANGE MODIFICATION on the SJ website, they include a description of how to adjust things. 

I couldn't find the description Jim mentions but agree the cross gate cable needs adjusting, probably lengthening a little. If you do it too much you won't be able select other gears, probably first. :thumbup:


John W

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SJ's kit replaces the clevis and pin on the end of the cable with a ball joint held to the cross gate lever with a bolt, so substitute  (pin through clevis) for 6mm bolt through ball joint-

SJ Sportscars; Remove the existing rod from the end of the cable. At this stage, check that the cable if free by operating it side – side. There should be no resistance. If there is resistance, fit a new cable. Check that the cable end gaiter is in place. Screw the rod on the cable, until a bolt can be fitted in the ball joint, when the gearlever is roughly upright. Tighten the 6 mm bolt and check the gear change. Screwing the rod on or off the cable provides fine adjustment. To check it is correct, use 5th and reverse gears as a guide. Move the lever across to 5th, when you reach the 5th gear stop, it should go straight forward into 5th. If it does not screw the rod on or off, 1/2 turn at a time, until it does. When you have this right, check reverse in a similar manner. Limited further adjustment can be done to improve reverse. Should you reach a point when reverse gets better at the expense of 5th, a new cable is required.

From another post; The cross gate cable pulls the linkage to get 1st and 2nd...3rd and 4th are the middle of the gate to which the system is sprung loaded. 5th requires a bit of a push from the cable, and reverse a large push. Cables don't push very well!

The side to side motion of the gearshift is transmitted to the bellcrank crossgate lever which moves the cross shaft side to side to engage any of the 4 selector shafts. This cable is adjustable in length, which determines the amount of sideways motion on the cross shaft. But, this adjustment is finite and the cable can/does stretch to the point where it can no longer move the crossgate lever sufficiently to move the cross shaft enough to engage a particular selector shaft. At this point, the cable must be replaced. But, you may simply have a misadjusted one. 

You'll need to get under the car and you'll see a rod connected to the crossgate lever on the transmission with a clevis pin and a springclip. Remove the clip and free the extension rod from the lever. Follow the lever toward the front of the car and you'll see where it attaches to the crossgate cable. Loosen the locknut and rotate the extension rod clockwise to shorten it (this will make 1st/2nd gear easier to engage) or counterclockwise to lengthen it (this will make 5th and reverse easier to engage). You can only turn in 1/2 turn increments. At each turn, replace the extension rod on the crossgate lever and try the gearshift. Keep trying this until the feel is right, but remember that when you add favor to one side, you reduce it to the other. If you can't get the proper adjustment, you'll need to replace the cable. Hope this helps. Happy Motoring!..Jim '85TE 

If it's really out of whack you might try manually putting the cross gate lever into a known gear and seeing how well the disconnected cable lines up with the hole in the lever when the shift knob is in position for that gear.


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