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Emira Picture & Video Thread


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44 minutes ago, Murdock said:

Is it going to happen before the first customers have to lock their orders in as promised? Nope too late

Exactly, and potentially already too late. First batch of customers being told this week that changes to spec “may” result in delays to delivery.  Contrary to what Lotus staff said at roadshows and during Sept-Nov 2nd deposit calls.

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Yeah, may be too late to change engine and colour.

I have had a rethink on wheels and interior options. 

Hopefully, Lotus release all this as a lovely, and most welcome, Christmas present!


If it has an engine, I am there to thrash it.

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I'm delighted to see a Yellow one, I would like to be optimistic and think this was done knowing pictures would come back to the few on forums and be met with gratitude, which it is. But it still leaves a sour taste, just leak some factory pictures already. Now this yellow car is out it puts a time limit on releasing pictures of other specs now in my opinion, this isn't GCHQ we just want to see the other cars that are built, please.

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“Dear Santa, aka Matt.

This year I have a simple Christmas wish.

A nice set of pictures of a verdant green Emira. I’m sure you’ve got a nice shiny photogenic one somewhere!

I’ve been a very good boy this year,  and remember my deposit is  contributing to a large bonus payout you will be receiving soon.

Yours in expectation….”




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