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Emira Picture & Video Thread


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The car still looks like a 'Supercar' on the road.

Great spot that.

We will be all lucky to see more than a few this whole year - not including our own.

If it has an engine, I am there to thrash it.

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49 minutes ago, Bibs said:








Amazing pics, beautiful in all these colours…. But… Wot no green?!

blue has it got me from all these, closely followed by yellow

DV better be worth the bloody wait with all this anticipation!!

36 minutes ago, simonb said:

What colour is that?


Crayon 🤣




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The new grey is Zinc Grey, going to be one of the extra 7 colours available for Base Edition.

I saw it at the factory in January - similar to Crayon or Nardo Grey.  Looks good. 

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Still want what they are smoking

You launch a fully loaded launch edition with a very limited range of colours, you then promise to follow on within a year or so with a base edition, £12K cheaper, that includes all those colours (they are not restricted to premium editions) plus a whole load of more popular colours

Lotus are once again tearing up the rulebook 🤣

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56 minutes ago, EmiraSi said:

Is that senaca behind it or one the base colours?

Seneca.  The two Base blues are darker.

The rendition of the Seneca in the pic looks a bit over-exposed.  But it looks like a bright but cloudy day, so it could be the lighting.  We really need some professionally shot photos!

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26 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

Wasn’t there a post on here showing a newly built GT430 for the heritage collection or something? Maybe it’s that one?

This pic and related post.

Production ends for Lotus Elise, Exige and Evora: new era ramping up as another draws to a close

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