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Scratched protection film on side panel

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hi all

Unfortunately, I was manoeuvring my 400 gingerly through an entrance to an old coaching inn, and though I had cleared the wall on the nearside... until I heard a scratching/crunch type noise... clearly I wasn't quite as clear as I though 😬

Damage is pretty minimal and I think the paint more-or-less survived, with the Paint Protection Film doing its thing. Looking at DeRoure, a new bit of film is going to be £175, and I'd expect fitting at a Lotus dealer to be about the same again. Is it something that any reasonable garage should be able to do, or is there some special process that means it needs to be done at a Lotus garage?





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Personally, at £175+VAT + fitting, I wouldn't bother with the Lotus option. I would take my car to a (local) PPF specialist. I suspect that you would get a better job done at a much keener price.

Are you sure that the paint or top coat hasn't been damaged underneath? That looks like pretty hefty damage for just the ppf to take.


(Incidentally, were you going southbound on the M40 yesterday afternoon?)

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as Bravo73 says......  take it to a someone who applies PPF, some car detailers offer this service.  Doesn't need to go to a dealer, they will sub contract it out I imagine anyway.

PPF is expensive though so I wouldn't expect it to be cheap.   Be grateful is hasn't totally scraped the paintwork.   Hopefully the paint will polish up and new film can be applied.

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cheers guys, I think I will take it to a PPF specialist first. I presume the factory plastic sheet is a bit thicker than your average PPF but I'm sure a specialist could tell me if they can deal with it.

As to whether the paint is damaged or not, I guess I'll only find out when the film comes off. It may need a bit of touching up...

An yes, @Bravo73 I was going down the M40 yesterday afternoon :)

The offending access way - there was an Audi A5 cabrio in the car park whose side was all scratched and a bit caved in, looked quite fresh... and someone else had a big doof on their OSF bumper, also pretty fresh looking...

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2 minutes ago, ewand said:

An yes, @Bravo73 I was going down the M40 yesterday afternoon :)


Small world time - we were northbound on the M40 at the same time (not in my Evora, though). Grandma was playing 'spot the red and green cars' game with my 3yo son. Imagine my surprise when one of the (very few) green cars was an Evora 400!

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