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Battery drain??

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Hello, i wow a 410 sport which i drove once a week and after about 8 months my battery died. I have had the dealer since revive the battery and i now keep it on constant trickle charge with a ctek and just to note, i have standard battery, not the lithium


I just bought a lightweight industries touge 500 lithium battery that weighs 3.8kg. 

I thought that since im putting in lightweight battery it wouldnt hurt just to test of there is a parasitic draw on standard battery, so i hooked up a multimeter and it read a constant 0.05 to 0.06 milliamps. 

Me and a mate starting pulling fuses and we noticed once we pulled all fuses there was no change in amp draw exclooept for 2 fuses.


Positions F20 and F19 fuses once removed, the amp draw dropped to 0.01 miliamps. If i kept f19 in and only removed f20 it would drop to 0.3. If i kept f20 in and removed f19 only, it would drop to 0.02 milliamps. And like a obove, with both removed, amp draw was 0.01 milliamps


F20 = cooling fans

F19 = instrument cluster lights


If i kept f20 and f19 in, the amp draw was 0.06 as said above, but if we removed M5(battery fuse) the amp draw would drop to 0.01 milliamps. We suspected this was due to removing black terminal whilst performing this test with multimeter but im no autoelectrician so not sure. 


Anyone out there know if this is normal amp draw at 0.06 or is their an an electrical fault with cooling fan and instrument cluster. The test was performed with alarm off and all doors closed etc


Before i install lithium battery i want to be sure my car hasnt got a parasitic drain

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Sorry for confusion. Prior to pulling the 2 fuses F20 and F19, the reading on my multimeter is always 0.06. The multimeter is set to 10AMP setting.


Once i pull those 2 fuses, the reading drops to 0.01 and 0.02. Going by youtube videos, they say most cars should be using 25 milliamps which is 0.025 when multimeter is set to 10amps


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When conducting these tests, the alarm was off and all doors closed so the instrument cluster may be drawing battery from the red flashing led. When i did remove the F20(cooling fan fuse) and left F19(instrument cluster) plugged in, the battery draw was below 0.03 which is normal and wont let a battery get flat. I suspent there is an issue with cooling fan drawing battery power when car is off and test being done with car having sat for few days. 


I was more curious to see if others had conducted multimeter tests to see what an exige draws from battery........

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0.006 is 6mA.

0.06 is 60mA.

0.6 is 600mA.

6 is,.... 6A.


60mA does seem a lot, I'll go and see what the Evora is pulling now...

I measured 25mA on average (it actually seems to oscillate between 20mA and 28mA) and the alarm was armed as it went off as soon as I flipped the boot catch back open (having closed it manually to turn off the boot lights whilst measuring).

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