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Pat H

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Hi, everyone.

I've just signed up to the forum, having returned to Esprit ownership after a couple of years with TVR and Ferrari.

I used to own this one:




It was a 25,000 mile car in near concours condition which I foolishly sold because I thought I wanted a TVR Griffith....

Anyway, I have just bought this mangy old dog because it looked like a cheap bit of fun.




It is a 1985 S3 with 61,000 miles on the clock, all the old MOTs and lots of history.

It is a curious mixture of good and bad. It has been stored for a couple of years after failing an MOT and it needs some TLC.

Mechanically it is sound. The motor is smooth and isn't burning oil. It has had a tubular manifold fitted. The gearbox is fine and the clutch and all the synchros are present.

The handbrake needs fixing, the exhaust is blowing and one of the brakes is binding, but otherwise the oily bits are in good order.

Cosmetically it is scabby. It needs painting and the interior is tatty with splits to the seats. The headlining has perished.

I can't decide what to do with it. If I restore it to the same standard as my old Turbo, then it will cost me a fortune and take forever. It would be much more cost effective just to go out and buy a minter.

I was thinking about stripping the trim out and using it as a track day car, but it surely deserves better than that?

It stands me at

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Hello Pat and welcome to LEF.

I've made you your own topic, makes more sense that way.

Looks like you've got a bargain there, a lot of money as you know can go on the mechanicals and although the cosmetics aren't cheap, they aren't as bad. Look forward to seeing you progress with the car. :lol:

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Hi Pat and welcome. Look forward to seeing you at some of our events!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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:crybaby: what a shame you sold that HC Turbo.....

Yep, it was a peach.

It had 21,000 miles on it when I bought it in 2002 and was the best one I have ever seen.

I bought it from Paul Matty for

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Hi Pat,

a nice project for you to restore there. If you cna get it half as fab as your previous one then it will be top dollar.

And yes you should get a GT3 for that money you spoke, by far the best esprit out there.


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How's it feel going from a turbo to a N/A?..

Well, 160bhp is never going to set the world on fire.

It seems remarkably sprightly off the mark, but it soon runs out of puff.

It is still really good fun to drive, but you are always conscious that the performance is eclipsed by most modern cars.

I love the absence of the turbo lag and non linear power delivery of the Turbo, and it is good to have those big Dellortos snorting away much more vocally than on the Turbo.

I will have to investigate how expensive it would be to tune the lump to about 210bhp, to have the best of both worlds.

I much prefer the Giugiaro shape without all the spoilers and louvres of the S3 Turbo, so the N/A S3 is a pretty good foundation for a project.

I just have a sneaking feeling that I will trip up over a lovely GT3 and then the old S3 will end up festering in the garage or be sold on at a knock down price.



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Pictures can lie but it looks quite nice in the pics; is the body really that bad? A retrim would work miracles.

BTW I've a sneaking suspicion it's an ex-motorshow car, there can't be many pearl white NA series 3s around with glass roofs....I think Gordon Masson posted up some old pics he'd scanned.

Ah, just had a butchers and the show car had no glass roof, pity!


Its still a special little car though.

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Your previous Esprit was beautiful! I would probably buy the best one I could afford; that has always been my train of thought. On the other side, if you get that one sorted, it would make a great track car. :thumbup:

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Great car Pat. Love the polished Rims.

You still got the S3 as well?

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You still got the S3 as well?

Nope, I decided to sell it when I had finished pricing a the cost of the trimming and a decent paint job.

Sadly, it would have been cheaper to buy a mint original car.

Still, it has hopefully gone to a good home, so we might not have seen the last of it.

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Great news Pat.

Car still looks stunning.

Hope you'll both be happy together this time around ^_^

Don't think of selling again.


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