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'85 s3 light pod lift motor (lucas/tr7) questions

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Dismantling and overhauling the lift motors/wormgears at the moment,  I have a few questions

(I have them on the bench with a switch and 2 relais just to test them) .

# the copper strip (end switch)  is mounted offset to the centre of the wormgear so as a result the up stroke is 2/3 of a turn and the down stroke is 1/3 of a turn this forces the light pod down first before it goes in the up position,  why?  is this just a result of taking the tr7 motor? looks cheap to me

# that same copper strip has 2 diodes in series with the end switches, why?  don't need them to function properly.(maybe on the tr7?)   if I remove them and rewire the relais I can make the motor go up and down between the short stroke end positions (1/3 turn)   this gives me the possibility to mount rubber end stops so the light does not vibrate in the up position,

# the copper strip end position switch is hyper sensitive, (weak copper strip)  how to force it down a bit?  bending or a small spring between the strip and the cover.


I know the questions are not straight out of a box but a bit on the DIY side but thats how I work on my car....


thanks Rick













lucas tr7 lift motor.jpg

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thinking about it, another option is when the lifting arm on the motor has been mounted wrongly (180degrees) and the end switch wires have beer mixed up it would work a little different. (red diagram)  when swithed the arm only moves back just a little before it moves forward again, , maybe this way the "dip" in the pod isn't visible ?


can anybody with an S3 (lucas/tr7 motor)  make a picture of the motor/arm in the down position for me?  help will be much appreciated  as I do not have a local s3 to look at 


thanks, Rick

lucas tr7 lift motor.jpg

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EDIT, (can't edit my previous post)   had a brainwave, installed al the parts in my car, some wires relais and a switch......   yellow is the one! BUT it drops the pod 15mm before it goes up,   the red one works as well BUT lifts the pod 15mm before it goes down......   both seem a bit odd to me so back to plan 1 and modify the wires/relais so it will travel.   


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