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Eclat electric window switch.

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Hi all. I need to replace one of the electric window switches in my 1979 Eclat. Have sourced a Lucas 33799 (Triumph Stag) switch which is identical in dimensions but has bullet connectors instead of spades. I'm going to make a short (say 2") set of leads to operate as an adapter. Wondering what gauge wire to use....guessing something like 5a load? or more?

Any thoughts greatfully received.


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Hmmm - that didn't go as expected. The Lucas switch 33799 isn't behaving as I expected. I'm no electrician, but some things make sense and some things don't make sense, and this is making my head hurt. Effectively, the switch has 3 wires coming into it, the power comes into the central terminal, the top terminal routes power to the 'down' circuit of the motor and and the bottom terminal routes to the 'up' circuit of the motor. The original switch has what I believe to be an internal short - if I press 'down' it goes down, but the instant I release 'down' (intending to stop the window wherever it is), it goes back up again. The 'Up' switch behaves as expected but the central position of the switch (which should be neither up nor down, operates as up)

So, I bought a new 33799 but it behaved exactly like the original. Out of the car, I put a multimeter across terminals 6 and 8 and there is a closed circuit even when the switch itself is in the central (off) position. I can't see how this is possible. I returned said 33799 and was sent another one, but this behaves exactly the same. If power is flowing to 'up' when the switch is in the 'off' position, something is awry, is it not?

There is nothing wrong with the wiring in the car, because if I put the switch from the passenger side into the driver side, it behaves itself. It also does not behave the same on a multimeter.

One explanation is that this whole batch of switches is dud, or there is a peculiar difference between how the Stag uses a switch to how the Eclat uses an almost identical switch (but, surely power flowing to 'up' when the switch is 'off' wouldn't do a Stag any good either?)

A different (more visual) explanation is in the attached


elec window switch.docx

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