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Emira Suspension Height (Drivers Pack)

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Cheers Tom. I wonder If this will be adjustable? I'd imagine not.

I love the look of the Blue show car but not so blown away by the one that was driven up the hill at Goodwood. Might just be the wheels on It that don't do anything for me, Love the FE ones that we will be spec'd with.👍


I'm going for the I4 and Sports pack with Cup 2's and would love It to sit nicely like the show mule! always something that can be done at a later date I suppose.



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The grey car rode about 5mm above intended production height.  Non-adjustable dampers on both suspension options.

It’s feasible to use lowering cups and people have done that on the Evora.  In theory you’d get a slight change in suspension response, as you’re pre-loading the springs, but I doubt many people would notice the small difference in handling. 

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I think a suspension lower mod kit would be popular. Make the car even more supercar like.

Might be better to do this with the standard suspension perhaps?

We will hopefully know all this once the cars are driven.

If it has an engine, I am there to thrash it.

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Lowering cups are already an aftermarket option for the Evora and a similar approach should work for the Emira, for either suspension options.

It’s more popular in the US and I think there’s a thread on LotusTalk about it. 

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What do we all know that the Lotus suspension guru's don't?  

I find it all slightly amusing that after all this time and not having even driven one yet we are modding it to probably/possibly reduce its abilities! 

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