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Lotus Elite 2.2- any specialist recommendations ?

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Hi it`s me again ; Basalte (named after the Citroen GS special edition not the volcanic rock) - the Lotus Elite 2.2 owner.

I have not given up on this car bought in 2011 which has been in dry storage ; what happened was that after a long history (you`ve guessed it) of sporadic reliability it actually ran well in 2017 but persistently gobbled water  and I suspect a slipped liner. My last posts on here were about using Steel Seal but I bottled out of doing that . My mate who is an extremely experienced mechanic said he`d do an engine rebuild as I have no doubt the engine needs attention in general after 74,000 miles (I`ve done about 3,000 of those-not much). Anyway despite being a star in relation to the Elite (like replacing the radiator and and steering rack for peanuts as well as many other parts ), he is bogged down with his day job,  a house renovation and maintaining/shifting 20 (!) other classic cars to his new gaff. Its now been nearly 2 years since he repeatedly said he`d work on the car and nothing has happened.

I kind of don`t blame him given the stuff he already has on his plate but the clock is ticking and I want to drive it again before I keel over.   

So....I am determined to get this car back on the road with an engine rebuild. So far I can only think of LotusBits as the people to do it and I have to admit that I wasn`t too impressed by their customer service-but does anyone have any other recommendations ? I`m resigned to the fact that it won`t be cheap .... (goodbye,  chunk of pension....)



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Welcome back, Dan.  I've wondered how your car was.  Is the engine out?  QED amd Paul Matty spring to mind but I would have a look in Absolute Lotus magazine and see who's advertising the relevant service in there.

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Good to hear from  you  again Trevor, also good to be back now I have resolved to get the car back on the road -obviously the pandemic didn`t help the delay either.  The engine isn`t out-I want to jump start it tomorrow to get an MOT on it and the jump start with my battery pack didn`t go well. Borrowing a more powerful pack and/or pushing it into position to take a jump lead start, is the plan .  Expect plenty of sweat....

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Hi Dan,

Im also looking for an engine rebuild specialist. Has anyone on here any experience with Lakeside Engineering ( They are local to me and I was considering using them.

A friend has used Max at Max500 ( to rebuild his Elan engine and was very happy, so you could try there as well.


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