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Engine cover Gas struts

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The Gas struts on my 400 with glass rear hatch work OK when hot but not when cold.

I removed on and measured the pressure and when they are hot each one Takes 25KGs to compress strut which equates to 245 Newtons. and only 20KGs or 196Newtons cold

Has any one measured a new one when cold? Or measure the pressure a new on please.

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They loose pressure over time, the signs are that they work when hot, but not when cold. Just replace them, they arent expensive from louts but you can get even cheaper suzuki ones to match. Cant remember the spec but im sure a search would find it.

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Kieran, thank you I looked at the part numbers but not until you mentioned the 025N did I see it amoungst the part numbers. 

Luckily they are a standard size and 0f 16" or here 405mm and I can get them for $22AUD 

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