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Magnetic Transmission Drain Plug

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Does anyone know how to obtain the Renault Transmission Drain Plug # R77 03 075 012 in the US??

I've searched everywhere and can't seem to locate a vendor, etc.. for this part. While I'm at it I'd also like to purchase a magnetic motor oil drain plug. Any ideas for US purchase. If I need to, I'd ship it from the UK.



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I wonder if the drain plugs for the NG renault boxes will cross to the UN1. I believe they came on the Fuego. I may try and find one to see if it fits. As for the engine plug, what about epoxying one into the hollow recess in the plug?


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I'd be tempted to make my own but I 've not long ago took a 90,000 mile box apart and the metal collected on the magnet inside wasn't that bad tbh.

I tried getting one for the engine itself but as said, the easy option is to buy one of them molybdumum (rare earth) magnets and glue / press it in to an slight interference fit.

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Maybe the ones for the DeLorean...they have UN-1's?

Looks the same to me on this website:

Or go to

then go to transmission and clutch and scroll down to the bottom.

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