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Just had Nitrons fitted and with that a new geo and would be interested to hear any thoughts from people who know about these things.

The numbers recorded  were-

CAMBER         N/S    O/S                       N/S    O/S            

Front  NEW     1.75   1.75         OLD      0.25  0.25

Rear   NEW     2.25  2.25         OLD       1.5     1.5


Alignment         N/S    O/S                         N/S      O/S     

Front  NEW     0.5 out  0.5  out      OLD  1.5 in       1 in

Rear   NEW     1.5 in  1.5 in             OLD   2 out      3 out

Car had sharp steering great weight and instant turn in, now floaty on the straight, little weight to it and delayed turn in with understeer. Is that you'd expect from these figures?



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Sounds odd, from my understanding:

- the additional camber should increase cornering grip while adding some tramlining on uneven roads...
- toe out on the front should increase agility and turn in responses but also make the car feel slightly more nervous / reactive while toe in on the rear should add stability

Maybe give it a spanner check to make sure everything is correctly tightened?

If in doubt I would get it checked at another alignment place to confirm settings? You can normally get a free check (although I always wonder if that's because they will always find / recommend something to adjust!).

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Your tyres will need some miles to 'run in' with your new geo, the front toe out and more camber will make the car more pointy and less stable on straight, but this is the way to go. 

What's the size of your front tyres? When you run bigger camber you should consider wider tyres as well to offset the reduced contact patch with the road. 

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I'm running michelin cup 2's, and have done for 3 years now so the size hasnt changed. The car before was pointy and less stable in the straight, now its very stable on the straight and not pointy at all. Feels like its had power steering fitted.




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