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As the age-old saying goes, always leave them wanting more. That certainly seems to be the case with the Lotus Evora GT which, as it heads towards the end of production, has set several significant sales records in the United States.



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Only mentions percentage increase. If the sales numbers are so good why hide them? All it really says is that 2020 was a diabolical year for sales as it was for many cars. Great car the Evora GT of course, effectively the Final Edition Evora and it’s good to see it getting some recognition.

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Not suprised about the sales of the US GTs. Always loved the interior with the seats, exterior too (except the front).

I think a true-best-of Final Edition of the Evora would have cannibalized some of the Emira sales, so why bother..

The Emira as a plattform brings everything to the table for a future dream car. I will wait for the comparision test drive with the Evora's (old and new)..



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For the few who know the difference
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On 28/07/2021 at 18:22, scotty435 said:

Closer to a GT430 with a 400 front Bumper

It true American style the GT430 bumper will be available in carbon before years end.

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I have a 21 GT and live in the US, I visited a dealer a few weeks ago, they were estimating around 700 2021 GT’s came to the US vs closer to 500 in 2020.  They are NOT 100% sure on the exact numbers for those years.  They said the only remaining 2021’s that are available are what are sitting at dealerships.  They are worried they might not have a new Lotus for their inventory until sometime in 2023.  They feel all of 2022 will be for filling orders.

I think the GT is kinda between the GT430 and the GT410.

We do not get Ohlins or the 430 front end.  But do get the CF rear ended, front vents & carbon inside.  I was told the GT’s suspension setup is different from the 410 that was sent stateside and is also different vs the 400, but no clue on the exact differences between the cars.


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