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Trackday prep - help needed for tow hook

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So I have no idea of the real limits my car (1985 Turbo Esprit) will tolerate (more than me, I suspect 😉 )

I'd like to do my first trackday, but everone wants some form of towing hook/eye/ etc. as a pre-requisite which the car never had.

How do I resolve this?

I've seen a couple of threads for different cars - but it's not clear if the solutions would work for my car.

I'm also going to post this on the Trackday forum for max exposure .....

Thanks in advance ...

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Race tow arrangements on a Lotus with the fibreglass bodies always a challenge !

For my S1 Esprit I use a light steel rod bent in a triangle shape from the two front lower suspension pivots. It sits under the cooling intake moulding on my S1 to provide a centre tow point at the front.  At the rear i have used a steel cable from a lower bolt for the lower pivot on the RH side lower suspension link to provide a tow point loop on the end of the cable tied with a wire to the exhaust . If its used and pulled sideways the tie wire will brake and the tow cable move as needed.

Never needed on my S1 Esprit but a similar arrangement used more than once on my Elan :)





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