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Water pump replacement

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I potentially have a fair few questions about a water pump replacement on my Eclat. I guess the first question I have is what is the service life of these pumps in general? It hasn't been replaced since I purchased the car in October 2014 and it's due its second cambelt change this winter so I'm wondering if I should be replacing/rebuilding the water pump this time. it's shown no signs of leaking or anything like that so will only rebuild if it's something that should be done (would rather not be making more work for myself!).

If the answer is yes it needs rebuilding/replacing this winter then there will probably be a fair more questions so be warned!

Thanks in advance for any advice people can provide.

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10 minutes ago, EXCEL V8 said:

If you decide to do it the rebuild process is fairly straight forward if you have a hydraulic press.


I have a 10-tonne press but not seen a rebuild before. Would love to do it but not sure if I have enough confidence in my skills 🙁

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My Esprit one has done 40k miles since I fitted it over 30 years ago.   Like most things on a Lotus, it should provide a normal service life if used regularly.  However allowing it to dry out or stand for several years will probably reduce its life significantly.

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