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Stromberg Issue


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7 hours ago, Gordon said:

Any suggestions?

Are you sure it's not the coil?

Next time it happens grab hold of the coil, if it's too hot to hold replace it :thumbup:


John W

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We also have strombergs on an s4 elan, IMHO great carbs.

In my experience, for what its worth, typically if a car on carbs has a fueling issue (of any kind) it usually has some degree of poor running/idle etc before cutting out.  If it is just cutting out (like a switch) I would suspect the electrics as suggested.  Probably worth checking for a spark if it occurs again.

Lets face it half of the fun of these is fettling them but its not great when it effects reliability. best of luck with the investigations.

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No help to the OP, but back in the late 1980s I bought a pair of Strombergs on the water-jacketed manifold from an autojumble to replace the crappy single Solex carb on my Hillman Imp. My first journey down the road was like riding a wildly bucking bronco. The idle continually went up and down. Anyway I took it to a local garage, he opened up the dash pots and immediately noticed that the long helical springs were missing from the inside. He just happened to have some suitable spare springs in his workshop (didn’t they always back then?) popped them in, balanced the carbs and they functioned perfectly. I never did understand why someone would bother to  take out those springs and reassemble the carbs.

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i have a set of strombergs and head in good running order removed from my elan that i would sell seperatly if needed .


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