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Lost screw fitting GW Mirrors

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Door card off or loosened, magnet on a stick like this 

26 Inches Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool Rod Stick Extending Magnet Handheld Tool(Black)

Poke it around a bit, job jobbed

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Hi Cliff,

I have also recently fitted these mirrors to my car and had the fun/frustration of threading the bolts back through the access holes. On my car one of the bolt heads was larger than the access hole so had no option but to drop it into the door cavity (don’t you just love Lotus engineering).

If you haven't already retrieved the screw, you will need to remove the door panel and purchase a camera endoscope with a magnet attachment, as you will not have line of sight to the bolt. There are many online shops which sell them and I guarantee you will use it again on your car at some point.

I purchased this one, but would suggest you buy one that connects directly to your phone as the wifi connection on this one is a little flaky. Plus direct connection types are a little cheaper.

The other thing I did was run another stronger magnet along the bottom of the door. You will know once the magnet has found the screw, then slowly drag the screw towards the endoscope magnet. If all goes well you can then slowly pull the endoscope and screw out,

Hope this helps.

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I already bought the borescope and the magnet pickup tool. I had a fiddle around but couldn’t see anything.

I’ll try the strong magnet at the bottom of the door trick. 

I’ve swung the doors open a few times and can’t hear any rattles at the moment. 

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