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Tyre for wet track day

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I am looking for a "backup" tyre for wet track days. I have excluded "rain" tires because those would force me to take them off if it dries or gets partially dry for 1h or so. The idea is thus to fit them and forget on days were rain is expected for more than half of the time. 

I have read good reviews of Michelin PS4S but I could not find them available now (perhaps is a size problem?). Do you recommend others? Also, about size would you go smaller (e.g., 205 and 265) or stick to the original size (215 285)?


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My street tires for my S260 are Continental Extreme Wet & Snow tires. I ran them during a wet track day and was amazed at how well they worked. The only car on track during the session faster than me was a Nissan GTR. Now, on the street, you have to get a little heat built up in the tire before it will start working well.


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Thanks for the suggestions! I also saw a video from tyre reviews where it seems Bridgestone Potenza Sport ia also a good option. It is a new tyre so perhaps none has really tried it yet...

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I've just fitted the new Bridgestone Potenza Sports. Haven't had a chance properly try them however I have donnington booked soon so will feedback. Initial impressions are quite pointless as they are completely new, however the reviews seems to be very positive. Will be able to give you more details next week.


Forgot to mention, there is a chap who gave his feedback on the bridgestones in the wet during a bedford trackday.



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Thanks @Forthedrive! I am very interested to hear your feedback from Doningtoon. 

For dry track days I am now running Trofeo R and Yokohama A052. Of course I do not expect the Bridgestone to be close to those on the dry, just good enough to have some serious (and safe) fun in mixed or wet conditions. Also I am not concerned about consumption: at 500 Euro x set, it is OK to replace then after 2/3 track days if necessary.

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Might sound like a bit of a left field suggestion but Uniroyal Rainsport 5s. I ran RS 4s for 2 years on an Exige V6 and we now have RS 5s on (the replacement). Have seen Uniroyals murder everything in sprints fitted to TVRs and the like so although they are soft and rain focussed, they do work in the dry - certainly well enough for road use. In the wet they are terrific and not expensive. And they come in 17s and 18s as required. As said - a bit left field but speak as you find. Good luck!

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