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Roll hoop / A-frame painting, (big) concerns

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I have some concerns regarding the Cup 430 roll hoop and A-frame.

In order to paint the A-frame (item 5), it needs to be dismounted.
Does it come easily ?
Or does it imply to remove other parts such as the seats, or even worse, bodyside assemblies and rear clamshell ?
As per a photo I found (attached), screws seem to be behind the bodyside assemblies, so I wonder...

Same questions for the roll hoop (item 6) itself ?
And SBAF assemblies (items 20/21) ?

I'm about to buy a brand new car, with the A-frame.
I would like to have the whole roll hoop + A-frame + SBAF assemblies body-colour painted.
But I'm rather scared to have the car dismounted, especially the body parts, the car being brand new...
I may then have it partially painted, only the A-frame, if it's easy.

Perhaps there are expected events / maintenances in the Exige life, during which the needed parts are to be dismounted ?
So that I could have it painted at this time.

Thank you very much !



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Cant' say for sure, but you may be lucky enough to get away with just removing the the seats (for the A-frame)

I'm very happy I asked for mine to be painted body colour in-build at the factory, the body coloured A-frame was a nice feature on the S2 Cups, so I was disappointed when they went black in the V6 Cup. 

Personally I wouldn't go further than the A-frame. The roll hoop would definitely be a more involved removal job, and for little benefit, in my view.


Photo for illustration:

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Thank you very much @Arun_D for your feedback 👍

I agree, I would also be very happy to get it done at the factory on the assembly line, but seems "difficult"...

So, if it comes in black, I'll take a decision depending on the parts to remove, and risks to damage them (some may be glued, hard to properly reassemble etc...). And as I'm meticulous...

Perhaps someone with experience on this specific area ?
@Hangar 111 for example ? 🙂

Thank you again !

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A-frame is fairly straight-forward bolt-in at the points you highlighted, plus a big one up into the centre of the roll bar.  It can sometimes be under a little bit of tension, so be careful when releasing it.  You would need to remove the passenger seat at least, so might as well remove both.

We've changed the roll bar on a few (race) cars, but it's not really something you'd want to do to a new car.


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Many thanks Dave for your technical feedback, really appreciated !

I'll then follow your advices and stick with the A-frame only.
Good to know that only the passenger seat may have to be removed, and that the 5 bolts are easily accessible without having to dismount anything else. Fairly acceptable on a new car.

What about the roof ? Does everything go out through the passenger's door, or should the (carbon) roof also be removed ?

Thank you again guys 👍🙂

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