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Michelin PS4 front tyres query

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My car is an Exige 350 Sport Roadster. I’ve changed tyres recently from the Pirelli Corsas to Michelin PS4 but I’m not happy with the front tyres. They are the right size (205/45/17) but they just seem wrong: too narrow and with a noticeable inward sloping sidewall. The tread width is no where near 205mm. I’m getting much more understeer than I would expect which could be because the tyre is so narrow. Some photos attached. Does what I have look normal or not from others’ experiences? Thanks!





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That got my so intrigued that I just ran to the garage (through the pooring rain... again) and measured my PS4 205/45/17 88W.

They are on a 8.5" rim and the thread is exactly 20.5cm... so there is something fishy going on with your tyres.  Are they genuine Michelin?  (joking aside, I once had, without me knowing, fake Uniroyals on my car... they were "made in Cermany" (as opposed to Germany))

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@Kristof Thysthanks for the commitment to go and measure your tyres in the rain! That’s really helpful: it does seem then that mine are not quite right.

I’ll pick it up with Michelin and see what they can do.

Yes the rears are PS4 too and they look and sit just fine on the car. I bought from a well know tyre chain so I would expect them to be genuine.

Really helpful thanks to get an alternative picture of what the tyres should be like. I’ll let you know what Michelin say.

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Hiya. My 350 was exactly the same. I bought it new and really hated, yes hated the way the front tyres were stretched over the rims on the front. It looks so wrong. 

my 410 with wider 215 Cup 2s look so very much better. 



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I have the same tyre on my 390. Also about 185mm wide, rears are 265s and measure 265 mm across. 


My daily fiesta st also has 205 (in an 18) pilot sport 4 which measure 205 mm.


All a bit odd and something about that particular tyre. I have noticed out of the box a fair bit more understeer than I expected. 


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That thread is very narrow.. something really weird going on there. Would it be possible that current batch of PS4 are wrongly dimensioned? Quite crazy thing to happen, but that doesn't seem too safe. I wonder if anyone with 420/430 FE can measure their fronts if those differ by 1 cm or 3cm.

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That's the bizarre thing: as stated above already, I also measure exactly 20.5cm of thread on my 205/45/17 PS4's.  They are 88W speed index as I posted above.  @mario308 measures the same thread.


So HOW can other be measuring a LOT less than 205mm thread width?   The rim width (I am on a 8.5" wide rim front as opposed to OEM's being 7.5" wide) doesn't have anything to do with things.  Even more so: they should look a lot more stretched on my 1 inch wider rims, but looking to the pics OP @Cyborg posted, my front tyres don't look nowhere that stretched; and OP is on a 7.5" rim!


Something going on with the tyre batches?  88W vs 88Y tyres?


BTW: for me PS4 are much better than the Corsa's

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