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Lotus Number 9 - the Evora Launch Edition Refresh thread


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Wiper blade - Simple things first.   The Bosch AP26U is a perfect fit.

New floor mats - Scotty kindly sold me a perfect pair of the nice later style Lotus roundel mats, what a difference,  the old ones were somewhat tatty, and well used.

Rear light surrounds - the early Evoras came with chrome rings around the lights, which get pitted over time, and it’s common to replace these with black ones as per the SR.  I chose to remove, prepare and refinish them instead, with primer and gloss black.  Very straightforward.





Full machine polish - a 3 stage polish with my DA made a massive difference, it had quite a few swirl marks and some scratches here and there.   I followed up with a couple of coats of decent wax and now have a great baseline to maintain.

Seats - I noticed on a previous invoice that Bell & Colvill had the drivers seat 'reconnolised' as part of the sale to the previous owner.  Unfortunately being a stickler for detail I could see that the shade was noticeably different to the passenger seat.   So there’s only one way to fix that - I set about removing all the dye from the drivers seat that B&C had done.   It was a massive job, I reckon I went through about 25 cloths and a whole roll of garage towel.   The only thing that removed it was methylated spirits, but using a fresh cloth frequently was key.

Many hours later I completed it - revealing some side bolster wear - which I expected. 



I did some research and found that a company called Liquid Leather (now Staingard) supplied some custom mixed dye to other Evora owners a few years ago and the match was fantastic.   So I got in touch with Staingard and sent them a small sample of the leather (there's plenty of excess at the back of the centre console trim, under the rear seat).


I then ordered some and a week later it arrived.   Absolutely 100% perfect match - both colour and sheen.   The seat now looks fantastic…I’ve only done the side bolster but I’ll use it more if needed.  I highly recommend them - I reckon they could match anything (I spoke to a nice lady called Karen).





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Steering column - early Evoras have a slight play in the steering, caused by Lotus apparently forgetting to fit a crucial aluminium spacer during assembly, or in some cases fitting one that was too small.   This is rectified by a TSB (2011/11 I think), but the spacer itself is on back order - surprise, surprise!    Fortunately I have a neighbour (Alan) with a full machine shop in his garage, and I had some aluminium round bar of a suitable size, so we (OK, he) made a larger spacer as per the Lotus part, which addressed the issue perfectly.   For reference, the original spacer fitted in my car was 10.5mm, and I’ve replaced it with a 14.5mm one - with a slightly smaller inside diameter for a better fit.  Removing the wheel and refitting wasn’t too bad - you obviously have to disconnect the battery first.







O/S Headlamp wash - I noticed this wasn’t popping up and the washer fluid was leaking onto the floor.  On inspection, the two bolts hadn’t been refitted which secure it to the headlamp.   They are coach screws, so I cut some down and fitted them.   It now works perfectly.    However, I also removed the headlamp wash fuse (#25, 15A) because I don’t like the way they basically spray the whole bonnet, and as I drive with lights on it happens with every 5 squirts of the windscreen wash.   I’ll refit the fuse for the MOT…..if needed.


Washer bottle grommets - I noticed a leak from the washer fluid and traced it to the grommets in the washer bottle.   One of the existing ones was completely shot.   


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Audio - Wireless CarPlay Head Unit - The standard Alpine unit had been replaced by a previous owner with a Kenwood one, which was better, but very laggy indeed (old tech and all that).   After lots of research I bought a Kenwood DMX8019DABS with wireless CarPlay.   

Fitting wasn’t too bad, after carefully identifying the reverse signal wire (for the reversing cam) and the speed sensor wire (apparently required for the wireless CarPlay to work).   Mine had an ISO connector fitted in the car so I was able to connect directly to that.   I did need to add some small spacers to the mounting bracket to bring it forward slightly.    Regarding the speed sensor wire, I initially connected it but it turns out that it sends the GPS location haywire, so I disconnected it and all is now well - it isn't needed after all.   







Having Apple CarPlay makes a massive difference - up to date tech and all that - I now have a choice of 4 apps for Navigation, and several for music.   For a modest £12 a year you can subscribe to the TomTom Go app on your phone, which means you can follow pre-defined GPX routes too - with full voice guidance etc on the unit - great for organised runs or for touring.   It's very slick.   Who needs an Emira??!

For audio, I can request any song I like while on the move, using Siri, either from Spotify or my own Music collection etc.    I also designed a custom startup screen, pinching the original Evora design side profile logo and adding the Lotus one.   




I mounted the new GPS aerial under the instrument binnacle cover, on the supplied metal plate.    The head unit is great, makes a huge difference to the ‘usability’.      I’ve also fitted a DAB aerial (see ‘Full Dashboard Removal’).




Boot lid Gas struts - I just needed to replace one of these, to give it the required oomph for it to go up on its own and stay up.   Simple job.

Wheel nuts - they had the usual corroded look, so I gave them a quick clean with a mini wire brush, coat of Kurust where needed and then a coat of silver.

Washer fluid leak (again) - so the washer fluid was still leaking.  Dripping from off side front, in front of the wheel.   A quick chat to Dave at PJS and he recommended replacing the O ring in the headlamp wash connection.   I duly did this and it fixed the issue - or so I thought.   It’s back!  I’ll have another look at it all when I get a chance.





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Focal 165 AS speakers & Door cards - I removed the door cards, tightened all the fixings on the rear side of them (there are a lot of screws holding all the bits on), and added cloth tape to all the contact points.   While they were off I fitted the woofers from my recently purchased Focal 165 AS component speakers.   They were a straight swap - I just needed to remove the speaker housing to get the old speaker fully out, and solder the wires onto the new speaker.   I also added some Silent Coat sound deadening material inside the door, and closed cell foam behind where the speaker fits.   Easy job.









Window adjustment - with the door cards and speaker enclosures off, I adjusted the tilt of the window.   This has achieved two things - provided a tighter fit against the door seals, and removed the horrible rattling I had when driving over bumpy roads with the windows partially open.  You can’t go too far with the adjustment though, otherwise the ‘drop’ of the window is affected when you open the door.    After refitting the door cards, the test drive was a revelation - no more squeaks / creaks, and no more rattling windows.  Happy days.



Window regulators - I took the opportunity to remove the regulators and give them a coat of the UC wax, to waterproof them.   


Door hinge bolts - these had light corrosion which was very obvious when opening the door - so a quick wire brush, Kurust and black hammerite job and all is well..

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@Daveb99 brilliant thread and write up , I've been doing similar to my LE but slower and documenting bits in different threads on here and a bigger one over on NORLOG as my "home". Certain things you've done in here though I'm going to add to my list for this winter.

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12 minutes ago, JAWS said:

Amazing write up @Daveb99,extremely impressed how much you've done in that space of time.

That's a super early car with the decal on the engine cover and the gloss black headlamps. Love the upgrades you've made. Well done.

Thanks - it has certainly been full on during my spare time;  I’ve done little else but work on it.   I did manage a crazy July though - Goodwood FoS, Dovedale trip, Carfest North, Silverstone Classic and Lotus in the Peak 🤪 - three of them in the Evora 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, cdco said:

@Daveb99 brilliant thread and write up , I've been doing similar to my LE but slower and documenting bits in different threads on here and a bigger one over on NORLOG as my "home". Certain things you've done in here though I'm going to add to my list for this winter.

Cheers - great that this will help you - just shout if you want any more info.

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Well done @Daveb99. You've been busy.

The list of the things that you haven't touched might be shorter though.

I'd like to be able to be cheeky and say that you missed a spot, but I can't think of what it might be?

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Lots of good work here. I've done many of those things on separate occasions but the one thing you've done and I missed is the cloth tape. Great idea.

Nice work and a nice write up all in one place. 



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2 hours ago, DaveC72 said:

Just got lost in this thread - and in a good way.  Really enjoyed seeing what you have done here, and thoroughly enjoyed the read.  Great work.

Thanks Dave, I got a bit lost doing it occasionally as well 🤪


32 minutes ago, Greg | ValetPro said:

Great Work thanks for sharing.

Cheers Greg - it’s great to help others - nobody should be scared to tackle this kind of stuff 👍🏻

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you’re fantastic at how you turn your hand to any issue

done a great job the wrapping can be a pain of job especially the sill and front areas due to shapes etc

of course I paid for my car to be done but heyho 2 years later it’s still intact even after multiple wash , weathering etc  

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