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My Evora N/A projects

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By repositioning the cable end 10mm it has shortened the 1-6 for/aft gear lever movement but the sided movement is the same travel. It feel slightly stiffer to operate but might help with good brand of synthetic 75w80 gear oil.

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Nice work Bob, sounds like we have both been doing the same kind of jobs.

Very interested to hear more about the gear linkage change.  What brand of gearbox oil did you use?  I went for Redline MTL 75w80 as it’s designed specifically for hard to shift boxes.  How much has it shortened the gear lever throw by?

Looking at my photo of when I injected oil into the gear cable ends, it seems you’ve changed the end fixing to a ball joint, presume you had to drill the arm / lever to fit it?

Here's a pic of mine.


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Measured 10mm from pin, drilled 5.5mm hole and tapped a 6mm thread and screwed in a ball joint and put a nut on the under side also. The gear lever throw reduced but not measured but is slightly stiffer to operate. Some people say you should remove the end weight of the selector, I tried it without it fitted but didn't make any difference to me, so refitted it. The oil is Fuchs Titan 75w-80 GL4.

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Had the under tray of has had a rattle and found the exhaust 3rd cat delete pipe flange to the flexi bolt broken. Removed rear exhaust and had to grind and  drill out the broken screw as would not knock out and it was welded on the rear flange. Refitted the silencer with a new removable bolt and nut, so when I get a new silencer in the future it will be easier to remove.





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Well the car is off the road and I am going to do a full suspension strip down and rebuild. I have done this project on all of my Lotus and VX220 cars. You may think your car is nice and shiny on the outside and behind the unseen parts its very frightening. I have worked on and looked at many Lotus cars over the years and most of them would benefit with a refresh.

The plan is once its stripped down is to inspect and get all the parts blasted and repainted. Replace any worn parts and all the bolt/nuts and fixings. 

Got the car on the lift and wheels removed and some pictures of what's hiding behind the wheels, which you never see when driving the car.

My Evora is 2010 40k miles and a full Lotus service history and I have worked on younger and lower mileage ones and in worse conditions.










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I did a suspension refresh earlier this year prompted by a worn lower ball joint on the nsf wishbone - and these ball joints are non service items so you need a complete new wishbone which comes with the bushes and ball joint fitted.

I had new oem shocks and springs anyway, purchased from Lotus when they were selling off surplus parts stock -  very cheaply.

I also fitted new purple power flex arb bushes and new front drop links. I removed the headlamp support brackets and cleaned them up and sprayed them. I already had s steel mudflap brackets.

The wishbones, being forged aluminium only really need the odd wipe down - far better than Elise ones!
Then all 4 corners had a good coating of ACF 50.

The front shock and spring units are a bit of a fiddle to remove, rears are easy.

Mine is  also same age and mileage.

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Applied the hand brake and slackened the drive shaft nuts which were FT prior to removing the brake pads and calipers. Released the the handbrake and removed the rear discs. Removed the tight hub assembly bolts from the wishbones then had to use pullers to remove the hubs from the shafts. The fronts were easier to remove as no drive shaft nut to remove.






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Got the shockers and the wheel hub assemblies blasted and prepped up for painting. Galvanised the chassis and started to assemble the painted parts with new zinc plated bolts. Replaced the rear tow links with Spitfire links. 







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Refit rear handbrake brake shoes with new cables as the old cables were starting to rub through on the lower wishbones and the inner cable was starting to loose its Teflon coating. Put extra shield covering on the cables to prevent future rubbing on the Lower wishbones. 



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