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Well here we are again and I am scratching my head thinking about the very poor design and set up of the rear brakes ,a friend and I managed to strip them down and remove the drums and shoes they were both seized but they came off, the drums were very rusty but after treating them with emery cloth they should be alright to put back on I purchased two pairs of shoes and two wheel cylinders from Lotus bits and the major problem we have is the wheel cylinders aren't accessible without dropping the differential out which we will be doing next time ,the handbrake cable looks free enough and is not seized  but once again what poor set up if the drums had been conventional we could have had it sorted by now 


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it is a design of the Master himself and lead to some championships in Formular 1. Could be worse... 

Nevertheless... it is a unpleasant job, no doubt about it. But you feel the difference in your but when driving it in comparison to other layouts. So not only a pita job, there is also a benefit for it.

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Thanks for your comments Don 

I need some help please ,I have stripped the rear drums and shoes off and the next job is to remove the differential so we can remove the wheel cylinders , I have purchased the shoes and wheel cylinders from Lotus Bits but they haven't got the springs or fixings in stock and they aren't going to get them in for some weeks any ideas where I can get hold of them 

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Hi Pete

Thanks for your reply the parts I require are as follows 

Two long brake shoe retaining springs two short brake shoe retaining springs two small posts two push and turn caps and two small retaining springs 


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