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ECU/ALDL Scanner - Freescan replacement?

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Looks nice, I'll give it try (if I find the time).

At least something good to come out of lockdown. 😉


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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2 hours ago, Giniw said:


For some reason it's detected as a malware on my computer though? Am I the only one?
Of course it may be a false positive though

Not the only one; a few people. I get it as well and I wrote it. Happens a few ways, if you run the MSI installer, or scan the files. Although you will notice that Google also scans them and reports nothing.

I included a installation guide (PDF) with the files, but basically it says this... Windows Defender will most likely flag it is a malware because it (Windows Def) does not recognize it being digitally signed by a known "company".

If you are comfortable with doing this, you can follow the manual install instruction in the PDF and/or just run the .exe file directly.

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