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250 Cup stone chips / PPF


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Just picked up my Cup 250 FE in Daytona blue, couldn't be happier - car looks fantastic!

Have only driven it on one short 30min local drive so far...but surprised by the amount of stone chips it's already picked up just in front of the rear wheel arch - both on the paint and the side-skirt rear "buttress". To be fair, the chips are tiny and if you take a step back you can't see them - but you certainly would after 6 months of driving. To compare, I previously owned a Sport 220 for 12 months (in red) and it didn't pick up a single stone chip. I expect the reason the Cups have this issue is because of the wider and stickier front rubber. It looks like the front tyre sticks out further than on the Sport 220 and there is a direct path from the tyres to the area in question. 

Therefore I'm booked in next week to get these side areas PPF'd with XPEL (lower section - rocker panel). I may get the whole of the front done too, still deciding on that. However, my installer says he can't cover the side skirt "buttresses" in PPF because when they've tried in the past it hasn't stuck. This isn't ideal because I can see this area is going to take a hammering - and I'm pretty sure I've read in the past that some members on here have had this area covered.


So, my two questions:

  1. If you've had your side-skirt buttresses covered in PPF, how did you manage to get it to stick?! Was it a special PPF product or technique? Basically, is there any info I can take back to the installer that might help him get it to work. Basically, any info would be appreciated.
  2. Bit of a long-shot...does anyone sell slighter wider front mud guards? I reckon they probably only need to be 1/2 inch wider and it would stop this direct line of sight from the front tyres. I wonder if the Sport 220 has wider mud guards which could be fitted?


BTW I'm in Brisbane and the PPF installer was referred to me by the Lotus dealer. I've never had PPF fitted before but the installer has clearly worked on many Lotus's in the past and seems to know what he's doing, so I would rather stick with him than go elsewhere. Pun intended 😉

 Anyway, I don't want this to distract from my enjoyment of the car...but until I get it resolved the car is sitting in my garage. On the plus side, it does look nice 🙂

Please help! (First-world problems 🙄)

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I did come across this:

It seems to be the "buttress" I'm talking about but unsure if it fits my car, so I've emailed them to ask.

Anyone used this product?

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