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Gerry Marshall Lotus Esprit Turbo


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On numerous occasions I’ve watched Gerry Marshall qualify at the back, and then muscle his way through to win the race. There were always rumours circulating that he had to be dragged out of the bar to get in his car and go racing. Hugely talented bloke, but died behind the wheel of his car.

Margate Exotics.

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Brilliant racer, his book only here for the beer is a good read about his early days racing for Vauxhall (Bill Blydenstein) Gregor his son still races a firenza and has loaded some old footage of Gerry and big bertha on youtube... good times👍

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On 03/09/2021 at 22:37, JonSE said:

I was lucky enough to crew for Gerry and spent many a great night with him in the twilight of his career all over Europe at various meetings.

I often drove him to and from his hotel and had dinner with him on top of spending race days with him, a lovely bloke.

Unbeatable behind the wheel in the cars we ran, would often qualify slowly to allow a spectacle where he would fight to the front, then slow down to give the rest of the field a chance to catch up again and keep the crowds entertained.

Had anyone and everyone drop by at race meetings to give him their best wishes, lots of household names were accommodated for a brew and to share stories from back in the day.

He passed not long after my dad and it was a real double blow, he was such a nice fella.

Bit of Esprit content, he knew I had an S2 back then.

 Mentioned the under steer, never knew he had the racing turbo until years later, we spoke more about TVR’s which we also both had.

He helped with some of the work I did on it, his turbo went to Mike Brewer after he passed I believe.

Lots of interesting stories about ACBC, Delorean, the jet set etc. He was one of a group of guys just enjoying his racing towards the end like Barry Williams and the Lanfranchi’s who were on the circuit back in the late 90’s, lovely guys and enjoyed the craic.

You don’t realise what you have until it’s gone ☹️


Did you ever work on the Marsh Plant Aston's ? My mate has RO2 and 4 

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No, he was a frequent guest driver for a small private amateur historic team I was part of, my older brother by day was a transport driver for the owner Max, weekends he hauled the artic race trailer all over Europe.

The cars were originally Lotus Cortina’s then we progressed up to race a series of Mustangs.

I didn’t expect to find any details on line but there is a small article. Gerry was with us a good few times a year over a period of around 7 years from memory….


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Yes Mr K.some of the story is wrong though. I bought the car from a solicitor who raced it and used it as a road car. He purchased it from Gerry Marshall. I had it painted black with red decals and then black with gold decals. Really reliable car considering it's past history. I did sell it to Mr Haynes as I knew it was an important car.

My mrs said dont bore every one about the car again.......🥺😂 there is a lot of info on the forum ref opw679w..Hope all's Mike

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