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Exige 380 cup KT460 went to limp mode on track / MAF / O2 sensors


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My Exige cup 380 is fitted with a komotec 460 kit


On a warm trackday after just a few easy laps when back on throttle it went into protection mode with the 3 shifting red led blinking and cutting power at 5000 rpm ( No CEL and No obd2 errors stored )

After restarting the car and going back on track it was working well again, but it felt slightly underpowered as when a non watercooled Lotus reduce timing because of heat


When at komotec they replaced one of the exhaust O2 sensors as it was not working well and then at another Lotus dealer they had to replace one again so I was wondering if anyone have particular problems with

O2 sensors failures or MAF getting dirty and need cleaning or some other suggestions





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O2 sensors on track cars, yes, not uncommon, they get a very hard time.  Also seen issues with non-geniune (though appearing to be genuine) sensors - we always use genuine Bosch, and verify them via the Bosch system.

MAF sensors, if your filter or breather system is allowing dirt or heavy breathing into the intake, then possible, yes.  Breathers on track cars can cause problems.

Surprised you got MIL with no codes, never seen that.  Have seen them clear themselves with ignition cycles (as designed).  Were the ABS codes checked?


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Hello Dave

Thanks a lot to take the time to reply


My car is fitted with the Komotec carbon airbox and there is also a Mocal oil catch tank with breathing cap fitted in the same way as on the cup R

After the trackday I cleaned the MAF sensor with some brake cleaner but the air intake was not particularly dirt on the inside.


I checked for codes with a generic OBD2 reader ony when the car was back in the garage and not immediately on track, and I did not check for ABS codes ( don't know if the obd2 reader would read those? )


I have to say that before the 460 kit the car was fitted with the 430 kit without watercooling and on the same track it was feeling more reactive and performant with the 430 map as if

the timing was more aggressive.


To know if an o2 sensor is faulty the dealer software is required?


In this video it was using the 430 kit where I found it was working really well



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On 03/09/2021 at 14:08, Maxi_z said:

To know if an o2 sensor is faulty the dealer software is required?

Sorry I thought you had MIL on - I must read properly!

You should be able to observe the O2 sensors activity using a generic OBD reader via live data.  They should be "switching" between 0.1 and 0.8 volts on a steady throttle.  Post-cat sensors can be a bit "laggy" compared to the primary sensors.  The ECU is generally pretty good at spotting a failed O2 sensor and giving codes - less so a failing sensor.

With external breathers, I wouldn't expect too much bother with the MAF sensor or grime accumulation in the intake.

Sounds like a bit of an odd situation you experienced.


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On 04/09/2021 at 20:12, MrD said:

Nothing to contribute here but your driving is superb. Great footage.

Car also sounds immense - you guys in the continent are very lucky with the noise levels. What exhaust have you got?


The exhaust manifolds and sports cat are from Komotec and the rear muffler is the standard one

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