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Daniela Forshaw

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Does anyone have any experience with owning a lotus Elise and living by the sea?   I’ve literally just moved to a seaside location, right by the sea.  Unfortunately I no longer own a garage.  I’m now being told there isn’t a paint protector that stops fibreglass paintwork from getting damaged by salty air and humidity.  I am having the underneath coated.   I thought I could simply get the bodywork detailed and thoroughly wash it once a week.  Am I going to fight a losing battle?   I don’t know wether to sell it while it’s still pristine and garaged (the car hasn’t moved with me yet) and buy a boring metal car?  Or if anyone has experience in combatting this issue.  I’m being told if I keep the car it will deteriorate very quickly.  Help!!!!

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Would investing in a high quality car cover be a good option ? 
I don’t  live by the sea although my other half is from coastal town and want one to to retire to coast ? However my car lives outside and I sometimes use a cover during very cold spells and in summer my car is subjected to tree sap and heat etc

i also tend to wash the car every few weeks using decent stuff to keep on top of the contaminants affecting the paintwork, recently I tried my hand at car detailing.

would maybe paint protection by professionals be another option ? 


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Welcome to TLF Daniela. :welcome:

I would have thought that some of the ceramic paint protection compounds would be good enough, but don't quote me. I would be ringing some reputable paint protection firms for information. There used to be a guy on here that appeared very switched. His username on here was ShineOn. He is in the UK. Where are you?

You should also duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well.

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For the underbody us this product

it made from a wax/oil product that come from wool.  Its not permanent so will need to be re applied every 12/18months.  But its a thin coating i believe so won't mess with the air flow under your car. Easy to rinse clean too.


for the fibre glass i recommend a ceramic coating you can then maintain that coating with snow seal.  ValetPRO will release our ceramic next year so that might not be soon enough.  If you want more help get in-touch.  Alway happy to help another TLF member.

All the Best


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You might find this informative if you have the option (space) for an outdoor cover. This guy tested out a carcoon cover in similar environmental conditions to yours I believe.


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Only anecdotal information, but I lived right by the seafront and a neighbour used to park their silver S1 Elise outside on the street all the time. In all the years it was there, it always looked fine to me despite being completely unprotected from the elements.

If you take some of the aforementioned precautions, your car will be perfectly safe for sure parked on the foreshore Ms. Forshaw.

I apologise for the last sentence…

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