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Emira UK Roadshow


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I can see that would be an issue then! :lol:

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There's a useful refinement to the string and tennis ball technique: two balls :whistle:

As well as the windscreen-nudger ball, hang a second one half way between the door opening and the first ball.  Suspend this so the ball doesn't quite hit the roof of the car and in line with the first ball.  Now as you approach the garage, ensure both strings/balls line up and drive in :thumbsup:

A variation on this is to paint a vertical line on the back wall of the garage.

I'm sure for the technically minded it would also be possible to rig up a system of coloured lights inside an angled enclosure, like a VASI aircraft landing system on it's side  ✈️

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I wonder if one would be able to spec one of those auto park doohickeys? The wife's Skoda has it and it is brilliant at reverse parking. :coffee:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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45 minutes ago, KJD said:

What are you all worrying about? Parking is easy.

Suppose if he had a RHD car he would have to back in, to get into the house.

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Me too (had the email, not in junk) - although I was tipped off that they were coming and was looking out for them 😉I have now switched mine from Silverstone on 1st Nov to Hethel on 28th Oct - quite handy as I'm only 13 miles from Hethel!

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I've had the email too, the dates now go up to 9th November. Scott hinted to me at Central Lotus that the cut-off for the second deposit (keeping your place in the queue) was going to be extended so presumably it will be sometime after the 9th now?

I can't see them dragging painted cars around the country but I wonder if they will have some for the Hethel days? I really want to see the ice leather too - do you think they would send me a sample when they finally get some? :lol:

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My thinking was that Hethel is the best chance of seeing cars, but as a minimum they really need to show bigger/better paint samples. The little discs I saw at the B&C roadshow did nothing to help.

Some proper seats wrapped in the different leather options would be great too 🤞🏻


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On 18/10/2021 at 08:23, C8RKH said:

I'm surprised by this. I didn't get this sense at all to be honest. To me it's a sports car, not a supercar, and does not have the presence (size) of a supercar. When you stand next to the latest supercars from Ferrari, McLaren, et al the one thing that hits you (well it hits me anyway) is the size of the things. They are not small cars at all, to the extent they would not be a great B road blaster! 

Hmmmm 488 is 1952mm width, the Huracan is 1933, the Emira is 1895.  I suppose that extra 4-6 cm is too much for some ;) 

Personally I think it has super car looks, but referred to as junior super car due to price point and performance   

Each to their own though, as all subjective 😄


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I was at Lotus Silverstone on Saturday. They are expecting 600 guests over their two day roadshow window 1-2 November. Apparently Lotus themselves are running the whole event. MD Matthew at LS is curious as to how they will cope with the parking situation. Previous LS organised events have generally been at the weekend or in the evening, when the neighbouring industrial units have been empty and parking ample. The roadshow, on the other hand, will be held over two full working days.

Coincidentally I will be visiting another company at the circuit on the morning of the 1st, so I’ll probably pop over to LS, but there’s no guarantee that the Lotus staff will be able to let me in, since I haven’t asked for an invite.

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