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Interchangeability with Jensen-Healey Engine parts

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I'm wondering if the 907s found in US market Jensen-Healeys are identical to those found in the type 75 elite. I found a local JH cylinder head and would like to swap it over to my elite since my valves are bent, I'm wondering if this will give me problems down the line. Specifically, if the lotus intake/exhaust manifolds will mount in the same manner, and if the lotus cam towers are compatible with the JH head.

Jensen Healeys are far more prevalent in N. America and cheap as dirt too. Hopefully the only difference is the logo on the cam covers.

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Correction to my last post about AH heads - and thanks to Mike at Lotusbits for this info:  Although the heads are similar they are not similar enough!  The inlet ports on the AH heads are significantly smaller;  there are no dowels for the cam housing o-rings as the AH heads all had gaskets between the head and cam housings.  So the AH heads cannot be used on the Elite without modification.


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