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New windscreen parts - lead time 2 months and counting

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I booked a windscreen with Autoglass (the insurer's approved supplier) at the start of August and still waiting. As far as I can tell they have the glass but are waiting for several other bits but can't or won't tell me what they are missing.   I guess they'd need A-pillar trims but not sure what else.  Can it really take lotus 2 months to supply whatever it is they need?  Anyone else dealt with Autoglass and been able to help them get whatever's needed?   My MOT is due in November so I'm starting to worry....

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It's hard to say if the parts are on back order if we don't know what they are, how they ordered them and why they've not got them. 

Can you cancel and tell your insurer that you'd like to go through a Lotus dealership. They'll just get Autoglass to do it but can at least have a better handle on the parts situation.

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Another week on and I've finally got a semi answer from autoglass.  They're apparently waiting for everything but the glass:  Left and right A pillar trims and the upper and lower windscreen rubbers They can't tell me who they ordered from, only that they might be available on 30 October. No idea if lotus are taking 3 months to supply them or autoglass have messed up. Moral of the story is don't expect a new windscreen in a hurry 🙂

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It was ever thus, the windscreen on my previous 400 cracked a few years ago. Stone flew up from the car in front. 

It took weeks for the replacement windscreen to arrive, which was broken, the next one arrived but they broke the windscreen trims and on and on.

I feel your pain. 

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We've got the rubbers in stock, and the A-panel trims should be able to be removed without breaking, just need new tape to re-attach them.

Had the guys here last week, they re-used the trims, so the new ones they brought with them are still in the Autoglass system somewhere!


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To close the topic..  I eventually got my screen fitted today.  Autoglass customer service were unhelpful throughout but fitters at their Queensbury workshop (in a Morrison's car park no less) took their time and did a good job.  New A Pillar covers were fitted and they gave me the old ones which had come off in one piece.  If anyone in the north/west London area needs a screen I'd recommend the fitters if not the company.

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