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Exige V6 Passenger Side Motor Mount

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I need a favor from someone that has a 430 Cup. If you could take a picture of how the passenger side motor mount mounts to the rear subframe, I would really appreciate it. I purchased a new rear subframe for my Cup-R and I believe that they sent me the subframe for a 430 Cup. They are different in that the standard subframe has a stanchion that is welded on the subframe. It looks like the 430 Cup has something bolted on the subframe. I tried checking the factory parts list but I'm not able to find the 430 Cup engine mount setup.

Thanks in advance,

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On 05/10/2021 at 22:12, EldonZ said:

Thanks for the tip. Is it possible you could snap a picture for me?


Eldon Z

I don t know the exact differences but the latest Exige ( as the 380 cup and 430 cup ) have a different rear subframe.

Also of the 4 engine mounts 2 are completely different compared to the older cars

I purchased some Innovative mounts for my 380 cup and only 2 of them would fit as they were made for the older models

( I think that it s the left and right that are different )


Is your Cup R fitted with the Xtrac sequential gearbox?

I m not sure about the manual cup R but with the Xtrac there are Lotus motorsport specific metal engine and transmission mounts with rubber inserts, and of course using the

standard 430 cup mounts would not be a recommended option even if they would fit.

Do you have some pictures of your cup R?




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I ended up cutting the mount off the old subframe and the new subframe then welding the old mount on the new subframe. It actually went fairly well and there were some alignment holes to get it in the correct location.

The real problem came later when I found that there was a missing blind nut for the left side motor mount bracket on the new subframe. Also, my Exige is a Cup-R with the X-Trac.


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