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Wet patch on start

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New owner so apologies if this is a silly question, but I've noticed when I start the car and it's sat warming up on the drive there's a wet patch/dripping under the car that runs down the part in the second photo on the passenger side (UK car).  It appears to stop once the car is being driven, is this normal or something to get checked out?

I don't have the a/c on so know it's not that.

Thanks in advance



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Hello Bruce. Welcome to Evoraland. 👋

If it’s not the a/c dripping (TADTS), then how is your coolant level? The OEM radiator has plastic end caps and these are prone to split, unfortunately. However, if it was your rad, I’d expect that the drip would be nearer to the front of the car. 

Incidentally, how long are you leaving your car to ‘warm up’ on the drive? Modern cars don’t really like to be warmed up unless they are under load (ie moving). 

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Thank you for the response, that is good to hear.  I've been checking all the levels and everything looked okay.

On to my next issue now of a leaking TPMS/valve!  It's definitely a learning curve but made much easy with this forum, so thanks again.

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My front nearside TPMS valve used to leak, I'd tighten it and a few weeks later it would leak again.  Eventually I used some threadlock before tightening and since then its been fine.

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