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Aircon condenser location

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Where is the aircon condenser located? Is it necessary to remove the front clamshell? 

(sorry - should have added that I do not have the car with me at the moment to check this out myself. I need to examine the whole unit and connections for a possible leak)

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Thanks Russ - I confess to not looking for past threads on the subject..

I have passed the car to a dealer now to find, once and for all, why my aircon fails every two years. They say it is not the compressor and now doing leak tests. I am not saying this is a good excuse to lay on the hours, but they are calling me with expensive updates! On Friday they said it is only the condenser to look at that requires a clam removal. I was not too sure about this thinking like you, it is accessible from underneath. However I am trawling through google where there are a few mentions 'that it would be easier' to take off the clam as well.

I guess that as I have started by trusting the job to 'an expert' I have to go along with their procedures! Just hope they find something!

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I also got some expensive quotes, all involving huge amounts of man-hours to get the front clam off and on again. It was a little village garage in Devon that did this eventually and it was not difficult to do. They did a full flush and replaced condenser-drier at the same time and the system's been perfect ever since (about 3 years). Good luck.

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Three weeks on, the car is still at the dealer but now with both front and rear clamshells off and the system pressurised with a tracer that shows up in UV light (I think this is what he said). So far he has found three leaks and possibly a porous hose... Maybe explains why the aircon ceases to work regularly every second year. Next week he plans to run it and put the clams back on. 

The porous hose worries me. Surely Lotus must insist on high quality hoses at design? [OK, scrub this question..] The dealer tells me that some of the Elise models have porous pipes throughout the car...Is there no end to the lack of quality control at Hethel? 

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To close this one down, the front clamshell was removed and all the pipes and connections checked. Three connections were not tight - loose enough to let enough gas out each year to warrant the top ups the car has had. O rings were replaced and tightened.

Remaining pipes and xonnections were ok (the dealer said that there in fact two more connections in the middle of the car but are nasty to get to and requires serious dismantling of the mid section of the car, so these were left but with a note if leakage continues to have a look)

The dye did not reveal any porous pipes (apparantly some of the Elise models are bad for this)

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