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traction control randomly turns off

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I had Nitrons fitted which involved some lowering of the car and since then my traction control light randomly comes on and does actually turn the traction control off. If I go into race mode it will occasionally just drop out of race mode (you can hear the tickover slow).

It can sometimes work all day and then others the light will come on afer just a few minutes there really is no pattern to when it will happen.

I was told by someone sat Hoffmans that this can happen due to somethig to do with teh sterring rack? 

Any thoughts/ideas welcome.

Martin S


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I had the same issue recently, I bought the switch from Elise Parts for about £30.

Fitting it is a ball ache, I had to get in the passenger side backwards then angle my head / body downwards under the dash to see up into the footwell. Once in it was easy to fit the part. 

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Ordered . Thank you all for your help, its really appreciated.


Been under a dashboard of a VX220 many times , so know what level of discomfort and contrortionist skills are involved lol.




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The traction issue can be a variety of things, the brake light switch is the most common, but it could potentially be the steering position sensor if you've just changed your dampers.  A dealer with Lotus Tech Centre can see exactly what has caused it, and reset or fix it if needed.

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I bought the Elise Parts one which seemed to work but I was on track last week and had similar issues as the OP.

My car is currently at Seriously Lotus for some tasty mods… 

I mentioned the problems I had and Dave said that they had numerous problems with after market brake light switches and now they only sell the genuine lotus ones. 

I didn’t get any lights on the dash but the car would kick itself out of sport mode and wouldn’t rev. Dave plugged it in but there were no fault codes. He’ll change the switch out as a precaution.

Hopefully that’ll sort it.

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20 hours ago, chumaxa said:

That brake light switch is 20 quid on eliseparts, not sure why it is so expensive on seriouslylotus, it was not this much when I bought one 2 years ago, I think ..

Because we buy from Lotus, Tried some cheaper after market ones and had nothing but issues with them.............

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I bought the seriously lotus one quite quickly before I saw the cheaper option and today fitted it. Turns out having a VX220 owning daughter can be really useful at times!"  If this doesn't work then it may be due to steering as the ride height was changed when the nitrons went on and its around then that the problem started.


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