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Which carbon speedo binnacle

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Id like to buy a carbon speedo binnacle for my exige, but not sure which one to get? 

Are some a full replacement, and other just a cover to go over the original plastic? 

I want one that is good quality, but don't really want to pay the price of the one from lotus. 

Which one would people recommend? 

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12 hours ago, Davey D said:

Is there an option for gloss, and satin? Id prefer gloss, but don't see any options to choose either way, and it doesn't say in the description

Are you sure that’s wise? Gloss looks lovely, but will reflect badly in the windscreen. I had a gloss carbon cover on my Exige S1, but soon decided I didn’t like the reflections. Good news is a few minutes with very fine sandpaper soon to the shine off. 

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I just thought that satin finish might look odd against all the gloss carbon on my car, but I can see where you are coming from re. the reflection on the windscreen. 


How do I choose the finish, do I have to email them? 

Is there anywhere in the UK that sells them?

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