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Door window seal replacement

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I have just replaced the outer weather seal on my door windows, I thought other owners might be interested.

I didn't like the original felt seal that Lotus fitted as it didn't contact the glass properly and just allowed rain water past and onto the door beam, and of course it just rots away.

After searching for possible alternatives I came up with Ford Capri window seals, they are the right length and depth to just fit into the original seal clips and almost look like the chrome trim was designed to take them!

Only took a bit of trimming here and there and should stop the water getting into the door shell.

Just not sure if the window motor is up to the job of raising and lowering against the seal yet as my battery is kaput!

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Excellent improvement!

On 28/10/2021 at 15:17, EXCEL V8 said:

I'm planning on something similar, but without the overlap onto the aluminium trim - I've found a suitable extrusion.

Please do share you findings. How are they fitted?

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Hi Dion - my main aim is to avoid using the horrible steel clips that retain the aluminium trim to the door skin.  I plan to drill small holes in the aluminium trim (through the wider door side part) and then through the fibreglass.  Small stainless steel set screws will then pass through the holes and into small stainless nut plates on the outside of the door.  The angled rubber trim (similar to the Capri extrusion but without the overlap onto the top of the trim) will be glued to the inside of the trim with holes in it that line up with the screw heads that retain the trim.  Hard to explain!!  I'll try and remember to take some photos when I eventually do it.


Paul - you don't have a tiny bit of the Capri extrusion left do you?  I'd like to see what it looks like close up!  


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